The Best Household Cleaning Apps – Infographic

household cleaning apps

Cleaning our homes is something that simply cannot be avoided. No one wants to live in a squalor and so as a result, one has to put in place some type of cleaning regime to keep things neat and tidy. Depending on the size of your home, you might have quite the cleaning to-do list. An apartment dweller for example, is unlikely to have as many cleaning tasks as someone with a large 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom home. However everything is relative and a small apartment can look untidy and cluttered very easily so both will require time to be put aside for cleaning.

Cleaning jobs such as washing windows is something that doesn’t have to be regular but it’s still better to schedule this type of work in for a couple of times a year. Cleaning an oven similarly is something that you should tackle at least a couple times a year or else the grime will build up and you’re just making things difficult for yourself in the long run.

Other options are a clean-as-you-go approach and this definitely applies for cooking. Cleaning off your kitchen hob and countertop while the cooking is in motion will lessen the task after dinner is eaten. Other cleaning jobs like scrubbing the toilet, the shower and the floors throughout the house can be a one time a week thing.

A key piece of advice is to break your cleaning tasks up into segments so you could set a 30 minute timer on your phone and see how much you achieve. It’s like you’re creating a competition amongst yourself to get as much as possible down in the 30 minutes and you will be surprised to see what you can achieve in that time! Draft in the assistance of your family members to lighten the load. If you have kids, show them how to clean properly and it will stand them in good stead for the future! There are also some really good advice videos on YouTube and Instagram that show how to fight those tough stains if you need them such as marker or crayon stains on the wall. Any help is welcome when it comes to cleaning!

The team at Senator has put together this infographic that outlines some interesting apps that you can use to help you with your home cleaning chores. The graphic details the platforms they’re available on; it also outlines the cost if any; it highlights some key benefits along with reviews plus lots more. Check out the full graphic below!

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