The Must-Have Mobile App for Internet Marketers

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Going mobile with your effective SEO can help your business grow quicker, sharper and become more responsive. Since more and more online businesses have realized the real significance of SEO, improving and defending the visibility of clients demand for consistent vigilance. So, it is necessary to make use of the right and highly responsive mobile applications that can keep eye on the multiple variables simultaneously and also get a clear idea of what is working for your clients and what needs improvement. With the help of the right mobile apps for internet marketers, you can climb the ladder of success and be on top of the game always.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is the mobile application that every internet marketer must have if they are a Raven User. It is an effective and efficient toolkit which is free to download and use. However, it comes with a monthly subscription and this makes it the luxury alternative to Google Analytics or other free tools. But, you may look for discount coupons and deals on to have this application at discounted rates. Raven Tools usually cover almost all the SEO indicators that you may easily miss. This includes social mentions and a clearer connection between marketing expenses and other impacts on the revenue.

So, if you want to take the plunge and make a bigger investment, then Raven Tools is the ultimate choice for you.


This is the single mobile application that can skim multiples of rankings including Google Indexed Pages, Yahoo and MSN Indexed Pages, Alexa, Technorati Authority, Google and Blog Worth. It allows you to get a snapshot of the pages of social media activity and its keyword density. With the use of this application, one can easily evaluate these indicators in real-time. This way they can easily isolate or remove the content that is generating buzz from the flops. These indicators can also be used to keep an eye on competitor’s movements and also learn from their failures and success. It has a very alluring interface and it also offers email functionality through which you can share results with partners to be strategized based on the reports.


EGO is another amazing mobile application for internet marketers as it helps them to streamline their analysis if they and their clients make use of multiple analytical tools. With the help of this application, all the information can be aggregated into one application and hence this eliminates the needs of consistently switching between SEO sites and apps. The application also offers broad, shallow analysis and this is the ultimate way to keep an eagle eye on feed subscriptions, Twitter followers and pageviews across multiple platforms.

Link Juice is the application that can help find and diagnose all the top-performing pages to ensure that you substitute the successful practices and stop all the failing ones. It allows you to compare the big success stories with the failing stories and this way it helps you to discern where the efforts are required and where you need to focus on to enhance the ranking and results for drawing more traffic. When you will come to know where to direct the efforts and where the time and expenditure need to be used effectively it would become easier for you to improve the PageRank and drive in more traffic to the website.

Google Analytics

If you are in search of free tools, then this mobile application is the wholesome package for you. From its single screen, you can take in a broad detailed picture of what is happening on the website including the page views, average time spent on-page, where visitors coming from, percentage of repeat visitors, who referred them and more. The Google Analytics App is the robust standalone tool that can help you perform all these tasks with a single screen. The application features different ways to compare the site data including assessing performance compared with goals, measuring different timeframes side by side and correlating revenue with SEO expenditures. This application runs smoothly on Android and iOS devices and you can easily find them on the respective play store for free downloading.

So, these were some of the leading and must-have mobile applications for internet marketers. To run these applications it is necessary to have high-end Smartphone models for which you need to spend a fortune. But not anymore as amazon mobile coupon codes enable you to save a great deal of money on your next purchase of mobile devices. Make use of these applications on your high-end Smartphone to take your business to another level of success efficiently.          

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