The New Apple iPod and Its Features Explained


Apple has always been known as a company that puts out state of art communication devices. The new sharp, lifelike and vivid four inch retina display of the Apple iPod touch meets every demand for quality and usability with some new exciting features.

First of all the new Apple iPod weighs practically nothing; with a finish that is super smooth and is made from one piece of aluminum like the MacBook. This material gives the Apple iPod a super strong existence; moreover, this powerful device does all the gaming, messaging and surfing as before and more. The new Apple iPod offers a widescreen for better viewing of HD movies and TV shows; it is easy to handle due to its slim long design.

New Apple iPod

 The camera has had many improvements and is one of the best cameras ever built into the iPod touch– with five megapixels. This is seven times more powerful than the previous version of the iPod. Sapphire crystal is the element that went into producing the iSight camera which makes the surface of the lens harder and very scratch resistant.

Researchers have added advanced optics, face detection, and LED flash and tap focus for excellent shots every time. This fantastic camera takes 1080 HD video; further, this camera allows cropping, editing and enhancing photos right from the iPod when using the photo apps. This amazing camera can use a panorama app which will enable the user to sweep shot for a favorite photo. By tapping the button and moving the camera over a scene it will create a wide and perfected shot.

The new Apple iPod has faster graphics and 2x the processing power of last year’s model, due to the A5 chip implemented. This chip makes games much more realistic with sharper images and it will not use up the battery power as many think it would. There are still up to 40 hours of music, eight hours for video on one single charge. This allows for quite a long time of use; no matter what you do.

As for music, the user can carry with them their entire music and video library; along with a host of movies and TV shows that have never looked so sharp. There is an instant download from the iTunes store for something that is wanted right away. One can also take advantage of the iCloud to give instant access without cables and it is easy to transfer all of your content.

The new Apple iPod has wonderful new built in apps. The user has unlimited text messaging over Wi-Fi. The feature of Face Time video calls is awesome; further, browsing the web was never easier through Safari; moreover with the new Apple iPod one can now stay in the loop with Facebook and Twitter, to know what is going on socially.

Another feature that will becoming fast popular is Siri– the new voice activated app. that will organize all of your daily events. Siri is another schedule reminder app so that you will not forget one important thing during your busy day. You don’t want to start the day without Siri looking after your every need.

Airplay is another great feature of the new Apple iPod. With the tap of a button you are able to stream a shared experience for friends from the iPod to the TV. You can also stream music that will sound bigger and better, through the thin and slim new design. The connector was redesigned; becoming smaller and more intelligent.

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