The New Blackberry 10 Launched Without Keyboard


The Blackberry 10 running on the Research In Motion’s operating software will only have a touch screen keyboard rather than a physical one. The representative of RIM, Rebecca Freiburger confirmed that the device would soon be reintroduced with a physical keyboard but did not justify when. RIM would launch the Blackberry 10 touch screen later this year.

New Blackberry 10 Launched Without Keyboard

Blackberry 10: The Proprietor Mobile Operating System

The Blackberry 10 is a mobile operating system developed by the RIM for the Blackberry line of smartphones and tablets. Based on the ONX, which was acquired by RIM, the platform was originally called the BBX. But RIM was blocked from using the BBX trademark after a legal issue from Basis International, who used the name for their own software.

The platform Blackberry 10

The new platform of Blackberry 10 was unveiled on May 10, 2012 by Thorsten Heins, the CEO of Research In Motion. The features included a platform wide flow interface, camera app, intelligent keyboard etc. The platform supports BBX-OS and apps written in C/C++ and HTML5.

The Blackberry 10 lacks physical keyboards

Most smartphones including the Apple’s iPhone lack a physical keyboard. But past efforts by RIM to launch touch phones have invariably flopped. Most corporate users are stuck to Blackberry solely for the keyboard. It is apparently hard to type emails on touch screens. The launch of the Blackberry 10 has been delayed by a year and with additional delays for the physical keyboard the users are not willing to wait any longer. With the iPhone making in-roads towards the corporate world, the users of Blackberry may simply buy the iPhone instead.

RIM hopes on Blackberry 10

RIM is optimistic with the Blackberry 10 system. It is meant to offer multimedia, apps experience and internet browsing with the same equivalency that the user’s desire. The Canadian organization is all set to launch the software later this year, on the parallel platform when the North Americans are abandoning Blackberry for the iPhones and Android devices. Collin Gillis, an analyst with BGC Financial, thought RIM not leading the market with a keyboard Blackberry is puzzling especially when it’s the strength of the company. He continued to say that the physical keyboard is the most dominant item that separates RIM from its competitors.

Gillis is sanguine about the company’s position in the market but they should get it together. Jefferies analyst, Peter Misek said that the launch of Blackberry 10 is about closing the gap with Apple. He worries that the Blackberry device would come with the keyboard within few months but it may be quite late by that time.

RIM dominates the smartphone market but failed to adapt to the “bring your device” trend. With the movement gaining momentum, the iPhones soon replaced the Blackberries. With the flagship devices losing its market, the future of RIM is uncertain. More than $2 billion cash, bankruptcy is unlikely but RIM’s share of smartphones fell sharply from 44 % in 2009 to 10 % in 2011 (as per the market research of NPD group) The stock of RIM fell to 25 cents or 2.4 %, to $10.08 in Thursday midday trading.

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