The Perfect Compact Devices for Running Your Website on the Move


The digital nomad lifestyle that has been popularized by books such as Tim Ferris’ ‘Four Hour Work Week’ is one that has a huge appeal for many people. In short the idea is that you use technology in such a way that you are able to work from anywhere with minimal overheads and/or restrictions. That might mean using the right devices to stay constantly connected to the web, creating passive income models and outsourcing aspects of your job when possible.

Portable technology though must be at the forefront of this experience, and if you really want to travel while working on the web you’re going to need a device that is powerful and flexible enough to handle everything you need, while at the same time being portable and light enough to travel with easily.

Fortunately there are a number of such devices these days, and all of them are also very useful for using around the home when you want to relax on the sofa or when you don’t want your computer desk to take up your entire room. Read on and let’s take a look at some of the best of these portable devices for you to work wherever you want on…

The Microsoft Surface Range

Microsoft’s vision with Windows 8 and 8.1 was to give the windows platform a touch-screen overlay and a range of ARM-friendly apps to avoid losing market share to tablets such as the iPad. They did this but then purportedly found that none of their manufacturing partners delivered on their vision which is why they decided to do that themselves – creating the Surface RT and Surface Pro and later the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2.

And for the travelling worker who needs power and flexibility the pro 2 is the ideal machine. Not only does this fit a powerful i5 processor, up to 512gb of storage and up to 8GB of RAM into a tablet form factor, but it also boasts and impressive 8 hour battery life, pressure-sensitive stylus and optimised OS to allow for slick and powerful processing on the move. The RT and Surface 2 won’t give you support for legacy software unlike the Pro, but whichever model you get you’ll have full Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer in a desktop environment to work from.

The Dell Venue 8

If the 10” Pro 2 is too big for you though, you may prefer the amazingly compact 8inch ‘Dell Venue 8’. This is another device that runs full Windows 8 and all legacy software and that again has the option of a stylus. The screen is a little small to work with and the Atom processor isn’t great for intense software, but if you want a device you can run a website from and fit into your fanny pack, then this is the one for you…

The Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 might be a big phone, but compared to any computer or tablet it’s very small. Which is what makes it rather amazing that in a push, with a Bluetooth keyboard, it can actually serve as a relatively decent replacement. This is particularly thanks to the large screen, stylus input, split screen functions and 3GB of RAM.

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