The Top Legal Apps for Small Businesses – These Apps Can Help Your Business Avoid Legal Problems


If you run a business then it’s crucial to ensure that you understand the law as it relates to your area of industry and that you are careful to follow it all times. Not only do you have a large moral obligation to do so, but it is also very important from a business perspective: doing things that could potentially be against the law can land you in trouble and see you facing serious fines or even potentially being forced to stop doing business. It’s potentially crippling financially, and the damage it can do to you in terms of your reputation is insurmountable.


Fortunately then it’s now easier than ever to stay on top of the law and to make sure that you are abiding by it by all times. There’s more information available online than ever before and now you can even access a lot of that information through handy mobile apps – it’s only ever a click away.

Here then we will look at some of the best legal apps for businesses to help you avoid getting into trouble and haemorrhaging money…

IntellliConnect Mobile: IntelliConnect Mobile is an app available for Blackberry and iOS which helps businesses and homeowners finding information of a legal nature pertaining to their state. This is very useful for instance if you want to make a financial transaction but don’t know what the federal tax laws are in your area, or want to see the rate charts for depreciation. All the information is free which makes it a very handy tool to have access to.

dLaw: dLaw is a great law app for Android that includes civil procedure, evidence and also bankruptcy procedure which of course could come in handy for a business that is going through this process (though hopefully that’s a feature that you won’t need).

Bloomberg Law Reports: Bloomberg Law Reports provides a large collection of information from the latest Bloomberg BNA Law Reports which includes reports on taxes, labour and executive news – much of which might be useful reading for a business.

Fastcase: Fastcase is mainly aimed at lawyers and law students, but it’s a very handy resource for anyone who needs legal advice and wants to look up different cases and statutes using intelligent search criteria. This way you can avoid making the mistakes and generally learn from how other companies have dealt with similar legal issues.

NY Vehicle and Traffic Code: The NY Vehicle and Traffic Code app is just one of many such apps available on Android that provides information regarding the traffic laws in particular areas around the US. This of course can be useful for companies whose staff does a lot of driving between states. By making sure they always know the local traffic laws, they can ensure that there are no unfortunate misunderstandings that could potentially lead to fines and cost them money and their reputation.

There are many other apps on the Play Store, in the Windows Store and on iTunes – and even apps like Excel can be useful just for managing financial and legal information. When it comes to running a business in a legal fashion, your mobile is a surprisingly useful tool.

Today’s feature writer, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for T.E. Paralegals, which specializes in WSIB claims across Toronto. She is a voracious reader and she enjoys catching up with her favorite books in her free time.

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