Top 10 Mobile App Design Trends in 2020

mobile app design trends

The growing large number of small firms uses mobile app design Trends in 2020. To market your products or services on mobile phones and tablets, your company needs a mobile app too. The creation of mobile apps is important because most of your prospective customers like to use apps to search and buy products or services.

Yet even putting a mobile app on the users phone display won’t turn them into clients. The customer experience after searching the software makes a huge difference for your company growth. When your app has interface, structure, photos, uploading, etc. problems, so such a bad experience would stop them from purchasing your services.

In general, if the app does not push traffic, the fault lies in its failure to have a pleasant experience for users. Your mobile app design may not be stylish, indicating some of the new main functionality is lacking from the design. So update it with updated, user-friendly functionality if your enterprise software doesn’t work on planned lines. And a mobile application developer will make sure to add these functionalities into your business app. Check out this article on top design tools that help your app stand out in app world.

The mobile app development team comes up with several new ideas in the form of mobile apps, with the unique demands of entrepreneurs and shareholders. The accent is on making the software user-friendly. Each year new solutions are developed and introduced to integrate navigation systems controls and other functions. 

Here Are Mobile App Design Trends 2020

Developing Big Displays

As companies continue using more interactive content on phones and tablets, the newer generation of more than-sized mobile devices and phablets arrive in larger displays. This is why it is predicted that the phablet market is growing by 36 percent before 2020, similar to a rise of only 4 percent for fewer mobile devices.

However, mobile app design is facing its risks for larger displays. Some improvements in the UI / UX and the navigation must be developed. Just less than a quarter of the display region is beyond the distance of the user’s thumb comfortably touch. E.g., iPhone 6 Plus has a larger display, much of which isn’t readily available to the fingerprint of users. Thus, mobile app design is a phenomenon which meets with its complexities.

Simplified UI Design

The mobile app development team is keen to build a streamlined user interface. They agree that the framework for better performance should be easy and transparent. Some of the creations for the User interface are flat designs tailored to digital displays.

To build a user-friendly mobile app design, ensure that you design your UI easy to use. Easiness is, in reality, a standard feature in all graphic designs, including creating a logo.

Swiping ssthe Main Gesture

The latest trend in mobile app design to be looked at in 2018 is further changes to the swipe functionality. The display of your mobile devices has swipe functionality now, but there is room for development. During the early days of app development, the buttons are far too low to press. Once again, the buttons are wide enough for a quick swipe.

Specific Suggestions on Personalized Content 

Do you notice that 80 percent of customers are much more likely to purchase from a business that has personalized experience for them? 

Great UI is what helps an app succeed. And, by integrating personalization, a phenomenon that governs 2020, the mobile app development team will offer a productive customer experience.

Dynamic Functional Animation

Among the most prominent app design trends that are rising in popularity in 2020 is the development of creative and interactive animation that is attention-grabbing. Such mobile app designs are especially beneficial for drawing attention to excellent projects and optimizing user experience. The animation is, therefore, no longer limited to sports and has now come into the world of mobile app designs.

Telling Brand Stories

Most companies understand that their mobile apps can perform a major role in developing successful, long-lasting customer relationships. With that in consideration, they develop mobile app designs that tell stories about a company. These designs are extremely helpful when it comes to developing a loyalty plan and building a stable client base. Image and visuals are used to tell more about their brand story.


Typography is a leading player in innovative mobile app design in 2020 after taking a driver’s seat and being overlooked by other design features, including coloring and functionality. Yet, particularly after Apple released iOS 7 and the Helvetica Neue, the focus will become more on using flexible typography. Scalable typography is a crucial aspect of mobile app development for new startups.

Fresh Color Palettes

The latest approaches in mobile app designs will focus on the use of new colors in colors. Up to this point, the designers used modernist color combinations that accompanied lots of white space. The latest color combinations come with dark and light backgrounds. You would also find it interesting for the integration of new colors in website design.

3D Graphics 

3D graphics is a 2020 development in software design that enables designers to pass even more detail on the websites. These graphics allow for more big space for apps to view items.

5G Technology 

5G technology helps electronic devices to work faster and more accurately. 

It is important in mobile app development, as it decreases the time the device can load and increases the efficiency of interaction. 

One of the most significant advantages of 5G technology, though, is the simplicity of the UI, which enables creators to use more media-rich mobile app design.

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