Top Apps for Windows Phone 7

Apps for Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone….. !!! After using it only a sound which comes from our heart is, Wow!! Is it really a phone?? Yes, it’s the new generation phone which can change the way of your thinking and the use of it completely changes your views about the mobiles. It is very strong and helpful discovery in the history of mobile phones. In the past we were happy to have only a cell phone which has the ability of just calling, but now we have many Phones having almost all the abilities which we found in a computer, Windows phone is one of them. Why we call it windows phone?? As the name shows it has the ability to have a windows operating system in it, whether it is window 7 or the latest window 8.

Apps for Windows Phone 7

A sound comes, apps. What are the apps?? It’s the abbreviation of application. By the technical point of view – “an application is the set of programs which is used to perform the particular job.” Every particular application has ability to do the job by mean it is developed for, like Adobe Reader application is made to run the files having an extension .pdf in the phone and AP mobile is used to get the latest news updates. The windows 7 apps were launched in 2010. There are near about one lakh fifty thousand applications which we can find in windows apps store and among them more than seventy five thousand applications which are Microsoft approved, and ready to use in the latest window phone. Some of them are most favored by the users. Let’s discuss about the Top 5 apps for the window phone 7:

AP mobile

You have to just install the AP mobile application on your windows mobile phone; it gives you the facility of getting the latest breaking news and updates in the world. It also gives you the GPS service by which you can get the latest news held in your area, where you are. It also offers you to share that news on your favorite social network site.

Adobe Reader

If you have a problem in opening the file which having the .pdf extension then don’t worry, the master is here, Adobe reader. It is the most favorable and useful application which we can’t miss in our smart phone. You can do many different operations on the file, using this application.


It is used to run the social networking site “Facebook” with more efficiency on your smart phone. This application allows you to do every operation, which you are allowed to do on Facebook using the computer browser or your mobile browser.


Skype is an awesome application having ability to make a video and voice call with others, we have to just install it and make an account which is totally free. You can add many contacts to which you want to talk.


It is the most popular application which has the great database of videos by which we can enjoy a lot. You can find videos on every possible word.

So, these are only five applications and there are near about one fifty lakh… Keep enjoy with your favorable once.

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