Top Apps to Entertain You While You Cook or Wash Up


Even if you’re a fan of cooking, it’s fair to say that there are certainly at least elements of the work that aren’t particularly fun. Those include waiting for things to boil, peeling potatoes, chopping onions and generally doing all those fiddly tasks that take ages and are essentially just repetitive. And then there’s the hell that is washing up…

Fortunately though, washing up and cooking are not things you need to do in silence – and if you have a smartphone or tablet there are actually plenty of ways you can entertain yourself as you work. Here are some of the best apps to help you do just that…


There is a YouTube app for almost any device you can think of, and in each case it’s a handy and highly convenient way to bring up videos that interest you. Most of us waste hours on YouTube on a regular basis watching cat videos and outtakes, but rarely do we ever sit down and intentionally decide to watch a whole load of videos. Why not then use this habit as a way to pass the time while washing up or peeling potatoes? Just set your phone or tablet up somewhere, choose a TED talk or a blooper reel, and then make the job a lot more interesting…


If you’d rather watch full films and TV programs though, you might find that YouTube is somewhat lacking. Netflix then has you covered as the best option for watching films and TV. The library of options is still growing, but already there are options here to suit pretty much every taste.


Of course you may just want to boogie while boiling pasta, in which case Spotify will provide one of the very best selections of tracks as well as the most convenience. Even if you don’t have a WiFi connection that reaches your kitchen, Spotify will let you download your favourite playlists to listen to wherever you are.

Internet (for Samsung)

Browsing articles on the net is of course one of the best ways to pass the time and to keep yourself entertained, but the downside is that it requires you to hold your phone or occasionally scroll with your hand thus getting it messy if you’re washing up. Thanks to the range of smart features on Samsung phones though this is not a problem – with smart scroll for the standard Internet browser for instance you can scroll the page simply by looking up and down which gets picked up by the front facing camera.


If you want something to enjoy a little more passively, then DayFrame also offers a great alternative. This app basically gives you a slideshow of images from a range of different feeds – from blogs, from social media and more. It’s a great way to see some cool images and to catch up with what’s going on in the world without having to actively browse the web.

And there you go, with a smartphone you need never be bored in the kitchen again!

The author of this article, Nancy Baker, is a self proclaimed internet aficionado and freelance blogger. She often writes for Appliance Repair Master, which specializes in appliance repair in Toronto. 

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