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There are tons of iPhone apps available to smartphone users. These apps are designed with the needs of the users in mind. Owing to the diverse needs of iPhone users, different types of apps are developed to satisfy the constantly changing needs of users. There are top quality apps for social media buffs, news junkie, photo freaks, die-hard game lovers, and other pastimes. There have been always a top quality iPhone apps designed to satisfy your quest to indulge in your pastime while relaxing.

iPhone apps

There are tons of iPhone apps that most people can’t live without. The importance of each app varies with individual preferences. You won’t expect a die-hard Twitter freak, without much interest in games, to cherish a game app. Twitter app can only be highly cherished by lovers of this social network. Below is a list of top iPhone apps that are commonly cherished by most people out there.


If your day begins and ends with facebook, this app is definitely for you. This app enables you to access your Facebook page from your mobile device. You can share news, photos, make comments and also see what your friends are up to in Facebook. This keeps you up to date with the happenings on Facebook. The beauty of this app is that it transforms your Facebook experience into a wonderful one, and it is free.


Well, almost everybody in the planet spends most of their time in tweet-town. This is not surprising as it brings you up to speed with news, friends, your favorite celebrities and events happening in the world in real time. So you need to make your stay in tweet-town a wonderful and comfortable one with an excellent app. This is what you will get on the iPhone Twitter app.

The iPhone Twitter app is among the best Twitter apps available. This app enables you to access all the beautiful features of this social network. You can upload photos, update your current status, retweets, check trending topics, and share any interesting topics on your mind with this app. You get all the goodies that captivate Twitter lovers from this free iPhone app.


This app is designed to take your photo experience to another level. It comes with lots of wonderful features that make capturing the beautiful moments of life on camera easy, simple, and fun-filled. With features like image stabilization, superb editing and filtering tools, focus lock and metering, pictures can never get more beautiful. After your photo shoot, you can share your amazing pics with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.


This app is for the busy bees, the forgetful, and the organized. Wunderlist helps you to create a schedule, update your schedule, notify you of appointments and remind of things that need to be done. This app has an easy to navigate interface making the scheduling process of your tasks very easy. And enjoying all these benefits is absolutely free.

Words With Friends:

This app is for the game freak. This scrabble-like game is entertaining and educative at the same time. You are having fun playing the game, while at the same enriching your vocabulary.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Facebook and Words With Friends are the only two apps I have experience with out of your list, so I’ll definitely have to check out the others you mentioned very soon. When it comes to my favorite app I’d probably have to give the title to DISH Remote Access. That app works with the Sling Adapter one of the gals I work with at DISH got me allowing me to watch all of my favorite shows from home, live or from off my DVR, everywhere I go in the world. It’s not only nice when trying to kill some time on the go, but it’s also nice to have when I know a show of mine is airing and I’m half way across the country on business! 🙂

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