Turn That New House Into a Home With These 3 Slick Smartphone Apps

Smartphone Apps

If relocating our family and possessions is such a stressful activity, why do we seem to continue doing this throughout our lives? The typical family will move at least 3 times and that isn’t counting the times that the kids leave the nest. One of the biggest problems that we face, after the move itself, is trying to transform that new house into a home. There is a magical element that is impossible to recreate overnight. It takes a while and a lot of love to build a real home, but what if you don’t have that much time? Well, you could accelerate the process somewhat by downloading some of these Smartphone applications we’ve selected for this article. Collectively, they offer the new householder a little help with regards getting things back in order. See what you think of the reviews and maybe you’ll be trying them out for yourself before too long- Happy Reading!

BuildApp Pro – $5.99 

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.leonid.myroom.pro&hl=en

Our first home changing App is an Android Market affair that will certainly help out any aspiring home builders out there. Just think of that empty room as a blank canvas and go from there. This App allows you to build a 3D image of any room that you like and you can start adding furniture thereafter. You will save a bunch of time and be able to pick from hundreds of possible items to get that perfect result every time. This is also a lot of fun and many an aspiring home designer will have oodles of enjoyment with this fantastic application. You can choose to do it room by room or simply create the entire house on the App and sit back as your dreams become a reality. You can also share your magic with your social media buddies and see if they have any bright ideas to add to the mix.

Inventory – $0.99 

Link: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-us/store/app/inventory/0b2e237d-32a5-4cb6-af8d-53a0762768ce

Our second offering is a Windows Phone application and it has a lot to offer before, during and after your home moving activity. You really need to keep track of what is in those darn boxes and it can take weeks or even months to find some of your good stuff after a move. With Inventory, you take a snap of the box and its contents, add a description and name the box. This App is cool enough to be used for insurance valuations and those broken ornaments will soon be paid for if you used this App in the first place. It can be used for when you lend out your gear and has many more possible uses. We love it and hope that you’ll see fit to try Inventory for yourselves.

Bubble Level By Antoine Vianey – Free 

Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.androgames.level

Our final App is another Android goody and although Bubble Level may be a one-trick pony, we rather like it anyway.This cool little application will help you to hang those shelves and paintings with 100% accuracy. It’s not complicated and the sweet graphics add a little sex appeal to a rather mundane activity.

Built That Home Yet?

We reckon that you’ll get there sooner rather than later if you decide to grab these 3 bad boys, so what are you waiting for?

Guest Author: This post has been authored by Nancy Baker, a freelance blogger who enjoys sharing her ideas and experiences online. She is a part of the team at Tender Touch, a renowned moving and Storage Company. 

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