Using Android Devices? Basics that you can remember


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1. Android is a software stack for mobile devices. This is truly an open platform for all kind of mobile devices that provides better user experience and greater degree of innovation.

2. It is a Google’s product purchased from the initial developer of the software Android INC. in 2005.

3. 5th November, 2007 was the time when Google, wireless companies and members of Open Handset Alliance officially announced Android’s development and release. It was a global alliance and collaboration between technology and mobile industry leaders.

4. Intel, HTC, Qualcomm, Motorola these are the mobile companies who lead the development with Google Inc.

5. Android includes 3 things – an operating system, middleware and applications.

6. Android operating system, other than Linux Kernel, consists of 12 millions lines of code. These are 3million XML lines, 2.8 millions lines of C, 1.75 million lines of C++, 2.1 millions of Java lines.

7. Android fosters large communities of web developers who write applications to extend the device functionalities. There are about 2, 00,000 applications for Android.

8. Google runs Android Market – an online application store.

9. Android houses multiple features and specifications. The common ones are handset layouts, storage, connectivity, Multilanguage support, messaging, web browser, media support, Java support, additional hardware support, multi-touch, Bluetooth, video calling, voice support etc.

10. Android OS is used on tablets, smartphones, netbooks etc.

11. Google has added several new application services for Android users. These are Google voice (for Google voice service), Sky map (for seeing stars), Finance (for Finance service), Maps editor (for MyMaps service), Google Translate, Google Shopper, Places Directory (for Local Search) etc. and many more.

12. As the popularity and market share goes, on May 2011, Google has announced that 4, 00,000 new android devices are being activated every day and more than 100 millions have already been activated.

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