Wacom Announces Cintiq 24HD Touch Pen Display Tablet


Wacom a North American firm known for designing innovative, interactive pen displays, pen tablets  such as Cintiq, Intuos, Bamboo and Bamboo fun tablet lines is launching Cintiq 24 HD touch pen display for graphic designers.


Cintiq devices are designed and manufactured to provide an ability to create graphics in the traditional fashion such as working with more conventional tools like pens, marker brushes, canvas and paper, photograph exposure re-touch tools, or sculpting tools, at the same time it provides the power of most advanced graphic applications like Autodesk, Photoshop etc.

This is the most advanced multi-touch pen technology for graphic artists to design the most complete and out of the box video, art and animation. Moreover, it offers the most rock solid color performance due to its advanced LED backlighting technology, which delivers 97% Adobe RGB color gamut and supports more than 1 billion colors.

 It offers similar to the sans-touch an express keys and innovative “touch rings” to fully customize your design workflow for getting the most out of the tablet and with the help of multi-touch supported touchscreen. Though, you would require the kit’s software applications to enable the multi-touch commands to the device.

The Wacom media representative said, “ We were planning to release this product with the pen-only version, but the overall development of this tablet took a bit more time than expected. The important part of the time was consumed due to the delay in perfecting the features like “palm rejection” in the kit’s software.

For all those who are eager to know when can you put your hands over this device, then you have to wait till August 2012, as it is expected to be launched some time in August and also be prepared to shell out $3699 for this pen display, which is $1100 more than the previously released version.

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