Ways to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone and Vice Versa


Today’s era is the era of different devices and platforms. There are two most popular platforms that we are fascinated about are android and iPhone. Android is the platform that is used in the SmartPhones. Both the Android and iPhone varies in many ways in terms of their features. Transferring data from Android to iPhone becomes a mess at times. There are simple steps associated with the data transfer and you can learn it with the help. The steps tagged below works in transferring the data from Android to iPhone and vise versa.

  Ways to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Download “Bump” App                               

 The first step is to download the Bump Application. The Bump application can be easily downloaded to both the iPhone and the Android. Once you have downloaded the app you would need to run the app on both the android and the iPhone. If android is your recipient, leave the App running. For downloading the Bump application to your iPhone you have to do it from the AppStore and then run it.

 Selection of the Location

 This is the second step where you would need to allow the Bump application to select its location. You would be carried to a page where you would be given two options. The first option is ‘Don’t Allow’ and the other option is ‘Ok’. To make the application work for you tap on ‘Ok’ at the screen.

 Transfer Photos

 At the third step you would be carried to the page of photos. You can select all photos by clicking on ‘select all’ button or you can choose the photos selectively as well. Once you have selected the photos you want to transfer you can sync your android to iPhone and get the photos transferred easily.

  iPhone to Android

Transfer Audio and Video Files

 Once you have transferred the photos you must have gathered some idea regarding the ways to transfer the photos from your android to iPhone. But in case you want to transfer the audio or video files. Then you would need to open the folders containing the audio and video files separately and select the files you want to transfer. The way to transfer the files is the same as you did for the photos in the previous step.

 Transfer Contacts

 This step is the most crucial and the most important step as contacts are the most valued information you have in your android. Once the contacts page is open you can go on selecting the contacts you want to transfer. After selecting the contacts you can get them transferred to your desired platform.

Tips, you can easily transfer data from iPhone to iPhone with an iPhone manager.

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