10 ways technical progress can help with studies

technical progress

Technical progress is a very dangerous word to use when you are talking about productive matters. For example, one of the most current technological developments that are heralded by the community is the Smartphone (originally conceived by Apple). Yet, did you know that the most downloaded and used apps are games? Do you remember Angry Birds? It made $70 million in profits! That is more than it cost to make the Rambo III movie. Here are ten ways that technology can help you.

technical progress

1 – Use the Internet for tutorials

There are actually some good tutorials out there, especially if you are doing a 3D modeling course, a computer animation course or any type of programming course. Some students have actually put some great stuff online and on YouTube for you to use.

2 – The task scheduler on your phone, tablet or PC

Getting alerts for upcoming deadlines or events is a big bonus for even the most organized student.

3 – Your portable MP3 player (buy speakers too)

At least if you buy speakers then you will not have to buy another device to play in your dorm room. Use this one for spoken wordbooks and tutorial files. It is pure gold if you are doing a language course, but is also good for listening to pod casts and recordings of lectures.

4 – Noise cancelling headphones

These are good, even if you have to play music in order to drown out the surrounding racket.

5 – Your Smartphone, an app and its camera

There are now apps that allow you to photograph text and it focus in on the page so that it becomes readable. You can photograph parts of a book (or other peoples’ coursework) and save it on your phone.

6 – Your PC or laptop for testing yourself

There are programs and web tools that allow you to take mini-multiple choice tests in order to improve your examination taking skills.

7 – Your cell phone and its alarm system

You cannot have missed the fact that nobody uses alarm clocks anymore. This is because your alarm clock on your cell phone works just as well; with the added benefit that it goes wherever you go, so you can sleep where you like and without fear.

8 – The scientific calculator

It still does its job and is still allowed in many examinations.

9 – The laptop touch pad or stump

You can move the mouse cursor on your laptop with the small touch pad near the keys, or the stump that you touch which protrudes from the middle. Both should help you to stop having to move your fingers away from the keys.

10 – Use tablets to read PDFs

It sucks that we are in the era where all the good stuff is being released on PDF, and the only paper version is nestled in some unknown warehouse where you have to pay $50-$100 just to get your hands on it. Therefore, we just have to suck it up, buy tablets, and read the PDFs because it is hard to read them from a computer screen.

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