3 Causes of a Slow VPN Connection Every User Overlooks


Nothing is worse than signing up for a VPN service, only to discover the connection is consistently slow.  Every VPN service is unique, which means there are hundreds of reasons the user’s connection may be slower than expected.  Among all of these reasons, several are regular problems which users consistently overlook.

One such VPN issue often faced by sports enthusiasts is inaccessibility to fantasy sports sites and gaming portals such as DraftKings websites. Some people can only view these websites as sportsbook because of specific geographical limitations. This is really frustrating for sports fans. The only way you can avoid these access restrictions is using good VPN service from VPN companies. They will allow you to use multiple browser extensions for switching between locations so that you can access your favorite sports websites, yet maintain complete privacy.

However, concluding that every free VPN service ends up with slow and poor performance is not necessarily true. It is a fact that no VPN service with all its premium features comes to you completely free. But if you know what to expect from free vs premium tier service plans and read the reviews of larger VPN service providers’ freemium options, you will benefit rather than complain. It is interesting to read review pages, such as the betternet review page, to understand how VPN market leaders are able to offer freemium VPN with impressive speeds, yet satisfy the large user base. Once you set your expectations based on the features available to you for free, and understand the pros and limitations of free VPN subscription, you can make the most out of unpaid service. 

Slow VPN Connection

Taking these 3 factors into consideration will make it easier to get the most out of every VPN connection.

1. Using a Small VPN Service

Every VPN service has to start out somewhere and most will start out small.  This is great for the first batch of users who sign up for the service, however the data transfer speed will suddenly plummet.  Smaller VPN services either rely on a small number of services or rent servers from a 3rd party.  Either way, there will be a significant surge in activity at some point.  There are two reasons this happens.  First, the service is successful and expands it user-base faster than it expands its available hardware.  Too many people trying to connect to the same server crushes connection speeds.  The second cause is a sudden increase in user activity.  Small VPN services minimize their overhead, which means minimizing their required number of servers.  If their users start relying on their service more often, their servers won’t have the processing power to keep up.

2. Accessing the Wrong Websites and Online Services

Users who rely on devices with a limited amount of processing power must be cautious about the type of websites and online services they access.  For example, streaming video requires a substantial amount of processing power on many devices.  Combine the normal load of streaming and the processing power needed to encrypt/decrypt data. The device will not be able to process the data fast enough.  Certain devices can handle any type website or online service through a US or UK VPN connection, while others have limitations.  It is important for users to only access what their device can handle.

3. Choosing the Wrong VPN Protocol

Selecting a VPN protocol is a decision which requires users to consider multiple variables. Transfer speed must be one of them.  Choosing the wrong protocol will cause the device to waste processing power decompressing data when it is unnecessary.  This directly ties the connection speed to the devices CPU processing abilities.  Conserving bandwidth is important in some instances. However access to high-speed internet makes it less of an issue for most devices.

VPN users are quick to blame their service provider when the data transfer speeds begin to slow.  In some cases, the fault lies on the service provider, however this is not as common as most people think.  There are a number of actions a user can take which will slow the VPN speed.

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