3 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Still Important

Business Cards

Technological advances have made us obsessed and often dependent on the internet, and it’s convenient uses. Emails, Apps and social media have transformed the business world, making it easier for even small companies to compete. But even in this digital age,  business cards are still one of the most essential promotional materials you can possess. They might not seem like the most up to date way of marketing your business. You may even think they are a little old fashioned. But so far nothing has been produced that can rival their simplicity and influence. So if you’re unsure whether to invest in business cards, here are three reasons why you should.

Business Cards


They make you seem organised

We never know who we might meet or what opportunities might present themselves each day. You could be at a networking event, an airport or even at your local coffee shop. As you can’t predict when you will encounter these contacts or possible business leads, it’s important to be prepared. The last thing you want to do is write your contact information down on a napkin or onto a ripped piece of paper. Having a business card shows you are organised and enthusiastic about making new contacts. Your business card can also help you to continue your conversation further. This can assist you in making stronger and long lasting connections. Even though SEO and email marketing are effective, they still can’t contend with genuine in-person meetings.


They are easy to share

Even though we are all obsessed with websites and apps, we still enjoy being able to physically hold something in our hands. Business cards, unlike emails or texts, are a physical object that can easily be passed around. If you give someone a business card that looks the part, your new contact will show it off to other people. They can then show it to more people and so on. This opens your business up to other leads and contacts which you could work closely with. Even distributing some business cards in local stores and cafes could provide new opportunities. While also getting your business name acknowledged.



They provide a great first impression

The design of your business card offers your new contact a glimpse into what your business is all about. If the design is sleek, clean and appealing, this will give them a fantastic first impression. This can then encourage them to contact your in future with potential business propositions. This can only be of benefit to your business. In the past, business cards with a white background and simple, black text were all the rage. But nowadays, the bolder your card is, the better. You can use coloured patterns, elaborate logos and unusual shapes and materials in any way you wish. This allows your creativity to shine through, while also remaining professional. Check out business card printing sites like Bananaprint to get your design started as soon as possible.

By now you should feel more compelled to get your business cards created as soon as possible. Always carry a few copies around to ensure you’re prepared for any opportunity that arises.


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