3 Websites To Help You Learn To Manage Your Expenses With Ease



Sometimes you may trick yourself into believing that you have good management skills over your finances, but to others, you may be performing poorly in their eyes. For instance, the amount you spend on food may be much higher than what is actually needed. If you would like to evaluate your existing spending habits, as well as to want to better manage your finances, you may actually turn to certain online websites to help you get closer to your goals. Here are the top 3 websites that I would recommend to you as great financial management tools!


Flexscore is a website that gives you a score, based on the financial statistics you would enter. For instance, you enter a thousand dollars as a sum that you are willing to spend monthly. From there, you tell Flexscore that you would want to use up five hundred dollars for entertainment. Flexscore may then provide you with a poor rating/score to indicate that you are spending too much unnecessary funds, solely on entertainment. Flexscore aggregates the input from thousands of users and averages the results out, and therefore it’s able to give you an insight on how others fare on the areas you can improve on, from your end.


Buxfer is an easy-to-use online money management website. You can enter any financial data and spendings from a single bank account that you own, and even data from multiple bank accounts (if it is applicable to you), thus giving you a better overall picture of how you spend in a consolidated area. The website offers graphs, charts and statistic readings, and Buxfer shows you how you are currently performing as compared to others, and gives you a visual representation of your spending habits – to compare past and present records.

Buxfer even has an integrated billing calendar that will alert you when it is time to pay your bills. With the ability to dig out all your spending habits and etc, the app also offers you suggestions on any possible routes and decisions you can take to save money!


MoneyStrands is a website that gives you close to complete control to plenty of resources that helps you manage your finances well. It allows you to track all your bills in one convenient space and reminds you to pay the bills, when the time comes. You can also create a realistic budget plan for the next 12 months, in less than 10 minutes!

It allows you to create an unlimited amount of categories, which you may record stuff like expenditure, bills, or shopping purchases. The website will display them accordingly, either in a graph chart, statistic chart or pie chart, so that you can easily see what categories make up the majority of your spending. Moneystrands is free and supports multicurrency as well as multiple languages, and has been recommended by reputable websites, such as ABOUT.com.

There are actually useful platforms that one can use to better manage their finances and expenses (without the hassle of any installation). Their basic services are often free and it is recommended that you utilize one of these portals to give you valuable insights on your finance management status.


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