5 Crazy Technologies We Will See In Our Homes Over The Next Few Decades

The World

If you thought the technology we’ve created in the last hundred years was special you’re in for a treat. Can you imagine what the world will be like a hundred years from now? Some of us won’t be around that long, so let’s look at a few special things we might have in our home over the next few decades instead.

Overrun by robots

When you look around your home in the future you will realize it’s been overrun by robots. I wouldn’t get too excited because I’m not suggesting you will end up having a cyborg butler who will answer the door and cook your dinner from scratch. A robot doesn’t need to have two arms and two legs and if you need any proof you just need to look at robot vacuum cleaners. In the future we will have a lot more gadgets around our home that can carry out lots of jobs for us.

Live anywhere in the world

We’re a few years away from having a home that can get up and walk to a new destination, but you will be able to feel like you’re living anywhere in the world because of some great new technology. LG recently caused a scene when they tricked job applicants into thinking there was a meteorite attack happening outside. They did it by pretending a television was actually a window. It won’t be long before we will be able to replace our view outside with anything we want.

Telling you what to do

We have smart appliances that can tell you what to do at the moment. When people scan their receipts once they get back from the store their refrigerator will tell them when their food is about to go out-of-date. Once your mirror becomes smart it will remind you to brush your teeth when you get up in the morning. It won’t be long before we don’t need to think for ourselves because everything will be telling us what we should be doing.

Everything will be connected

Once you put food in the oven it’s hard to do anything else because you always need to keep your eye on it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could watch TV and when you flicked the channel you would see the inside of your oven on the screen? When your washing machine was finished it could send you a text message telling you to empty it. As we keep filling our homes with more and more technology it will eventually all connect together.

Say what you want

At the moment you can talk into your computer and it will write for you, but that is nothing compared to what we can expect very shortly. Soon you will be able to use voice commands to carry out simple tasks. Instead of getting up to turn your music on you could just command it to start pumping out your favorite tunes. Say you want the microwave to keep cooking for an extra 2 minutes and your wish is its command.

The author of today’s post, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger who is currently a part of the team at Todd Devine Homes, leading builders of granny flats in Melbourne. She is an avid reader and her hobbies include cooking and swimming.

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