5 Lesser but well known Features of Facebook


Some Ignored features

The fame of facebook is increasing day by day and the people of all over the world have accounts on facebook through which they can be connected with the people around the world they know and it can help them to expand their social circle by adding the new people to their friend list. There are so many features and application available on the facebook that many people use but still there are many features on the facebook that are not as much popular among the people as they are amazing and useful. These ignored features can help you to enjoy the facebook more.

Facebook impact

Friendship page

One of a very astonishing feature is “friendship page”. This feature is useful and interesting because it may let you know about all the activities that happened between you and your friend. You can know about all the things since you both were friends on facebook. By visiting this friendship page you can know about the comments on status, mutual likings, tags, and pictures and other posts you shared with each other etc. you can see the friendship page of a particular friend just by going to the friend’s profile and open the gear box appearing and hit the option; see friendship.

Facebook impact

Facebook impact is another amazing and surprising feature of the facebook that is not in the notice of so many facebook users. This is the feature by using which you can know that how many people are now using facebook because of your reference. The facebook has all the records of what happens here which might surprise you. You can know about the record of people using the facebook because of your reference just by logging in to facebook.

Group chatting

Facebook has another very interesting feature that is quick conference chatting or quick group chatting. This is the feature by using that you can chat with more then one of your friends on one chat window. You can instantly add your friends in conversation just by going to the gear button when you are chatting with your friend and then hit on the top option which is “add friend to chat” and then type the name of that friend and click the option done to proceed further.

What is the location? Tell your friends

Adding the location to the every post that you update on the facebook profile is another feature that is not known by many of the facebook users. This is the app that helps you to add the location with every of your post. You can add the location by going to the option of sharing tools and hitting  icon and entering the name of the place.

Video calling

Video calling is another remarkable feature that many of the facebook users are unaware of it. What you need to have this option is to go to the “facebook video” option and then you can install the small plug-in to start video calling with your friends.

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