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social media marketing

If a business isn’t visible then it isn’t going to garner any custom. If a business doesn’t garner any custom, it isn’t going to make any money. And if a business doesn’t make money, it doesn’t stay in business for much longer. Fortunately for all you business owners there are host of viable options out there to help boost the visibility of your business. You just have to know where to look to find them (ironically), and then how to use them. Fortunately again, below you can find a few hints and tips on the matter.

social media marketing

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Firstly, you should focus on ‘word-of-mouth’ advertisement. Despite all the technological and online advances of today there is still a place at the top of the marketing pyramid for this type of advertising. When people hear from other, like-minded people about how good your business is, they’ll believe it. Other marketing campaigns, as good as they are, can never really do anything to prove how good a business’s model or its practices are. But word-of-mouth can. And there are a host of ways to make use of it in regards to boosting your business’s visibility. One way is to invest your time, efforts and money into organising an event. Whether it be a contest, a talk or a fair that you organise and host there is nothing better than getting people talking. And another way to get people talking is to prove to your customers just how loyal a business yours is. If you offer your current crop of customers loyalty schemes, such as bonuses or incentives, you will show yourself to be loyal. Then the customers that experience your loyalty will then tell their peers of your service and, voila! your visibility is boosted. Anyway, it costs six times the amount to win customers as it does to keep one, so focusing on your customers is never a bad thing.

But that’s not to say that there isn’t a place for boosting your visibility online, because there most certainly is. In fact, this should be given just as much precedence as any visibility boosting you do away from the keyboard. And one type of online visibility boosting that is gaining real momentum in the business world of today is video hosting. Video hosting services and platforms allow users to distribute their video clips out to the online traffic. Businesses are using them in ways to promote the things they do, the products they sell and even their staff. And yours should too. By making these things less invisible and showing them in motion picture your business could garner a relationship with potential customers of the like that you’ve never experienced. The best thing of all? Video hosting is a viable option as platforms such as Video are relatively cost effective, especially when you make use of a Vimeo discount code. And if your business does take to video hosting don’t you, yourself be shy to make yourself visible on camera. Customers love to see the owner of a business from time to time just to make it feel less like a faceless corporation. Similarly, you should ensure that your business is using its social media sites at all times. This is probably the best way to forge a relationship between business and customer. As well as this, when using the services offered by Twitter a business can really make itself visible through the use of hashtags and the optimising of trends.

Simply put, businesses need to be visible. They need to visible online. They need to be visible away from the keyboard and in the ‘real world. They need to be visible everywhere. Make sure to check out more tips on you can boost the visibility of your business.

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