How to Reduce Instagram Advertising Cost

Instagram Advertising Cost

Social Media wave isn’t ending soon; it is growing at a healthy speed. With more and more people using social media efficiently, your business should take advantage of it to survive longer. Businesses should try and leverage social media channels in the best way possible. Because this social media touch will help you connect with your customer better and boost your leads at a tremendous rate. Marketers are finding Social media advertising as one of the most important methods to reach out to their target audience. But, this has to be done carefully, because you must locate which platform is giving your business the best benefits.

Instagram, which has over 800 million active and 1 million advertisers, is ideally known to boost the visibility of a brand. Further, with the highest driving user engagement, Instagram is officially at the forefront of the digital marketing world. Typically, the average CPC on Instagram could cost around $0.50-$1.00 and it can go up to $3.00 for a competitive industry such as apparel. Instagram ads tend to be expensive when compared to Facebook or any other social media advertising. So, if you are looking to advertise on Instagram, you must first look at the ways of reducing Instagram Advertising cost to get started.

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Here are some ways as follows:

Ways of Reducing Instagram Advertising Cost

Choose the Best Platform

Advertising on social media works really well when done right. The very first step is knowing your campaign objectives and knowing if you are on the right platform. Going blindly into Instagram Advertising because everybody is investing will only cost you time and money. For example, if your goal is to promote eBook, then probably LinkedIn ads will perform much better than Instagram Ads. Your Instagram advertising objectives must include, increase traffic, visibility, engagement and push sales.

Target Your Audience

Every advertising campaign has to decide on the target audience when creating ads. Once you know who makes up the majority of your target audience, it becomes easy to plan your advertising campaign. When you make the target audience generic and send it out to all sorts of audiences, not only will the ad remain irrelevant it will also not be one of the better ways of reducing Instagram advertising cost. Focus on the demographics of your audiences and ensure that your advertisements are going to the right people.  

Retarget the Audiences

Retargeting, otherwise known as remarketing helps your brand in front even after the audience has left your website. This is an interesting tool designed to help marketers reach up to 98% of users who don’t convert immediately. And stats also say – customers who see retargeted ads are 70% more likely to convert to your website. Retargeting focuses on your advertising spend on the audience who are already familiar with your brand and have shown interest in your product and services. Meaning, it targets a specific audience based on their digital actions. It’s one of the most powerful ways to keep your brand in the audience’s mind and increase the ad campaign’s conversation rate.

Test Your Advertisements

You must understand, to get highlighted on Instagram, the best possible way is to use highly-visual content. For example, Everlane has great ad presence on Instagram, because the brand uses highly-visual content that gets clicked. So should first decide on the ad format (multi-photo, video, gif etc) and learn if it goes smoothlyinto Instagram Ads. Further, it’s great to scroll in the ads manager tool and pick your placement to limit any processing errors. Run your ads for a few days, and measure if your target audiences are consistently engaging there. If not, then you find other format or platform to make it more effective.

Make Relevant Campaigns

Instagram is one such platform where users don’t just merely exist, they are highly engaged audience. 75% of Instagram users take action of visiting the website or making a purchase. To maximize the effectiveness of your ad campaign, you must create and share content that displays your brand is interested in the same things as your audiences. For example, if your brand offers a green energy solution, you could say your users are enthusiastic about environmental issues. The more create relevant campaigns, the more it will get clicked and increase engagement.

Create Optimized Landing Pages

There are many brands on Instagram that are not thrilled with how their ads are performing. It does not mean Instagram ads are not working; it just means brands need to take some extra efforts. Just creating an ad is not sufficient; you must connect your targeted audience with an optimized landing page. A dedicated landing helps potential customers to make an informed and easy decision on their purchase. Make sure your landing page is of high-quality and is relevant to your Instagram ads. When the effectiveness of your ads increases it for sure reduce the cost of the ads.

Schedule posts wisely

Of course you must focus on improving the quality of your ad content, but you should also be smart enough to schedule them wisely. You can consider factors like time of day, week, holidays or festivals which has most influence for your created Instagram ad. This will increase the CPC rates during the particular period, for example, Shopify believes Sunday evenings are the peak times of the week for Instagram e-commerce purchase. An Instagram ad typically has a 10 times higher engagement rate than a Facebook ad during peak time. So, schedule your ads wisely to reduce the cost and boost engagement.

Select Bidding Options

Instagram offers two types of bidding options – manual and automatic. If you are a new user, it is wise to start with automatic bidding which helps to keep the Instagram ads cost low. On the other hand, Manual bidding works well if you have detailed metrics in hand for your ad campaign. Do understand that you don’t always have to bid high to see best results. Sometimes, even a low-costad can attain the chosen objective.

There are other factors such as choosing the Instagram ad format and automating your bidding that can influence your ad campaign. In short, Instagram is a great platform for promoting business brands and engaging with your audience. Just use it correctly, and enjoy the powerful benefits Instagram has to offer for your business.

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