5 Reasons Why It is Important to have IT Certifications

360IT by NIIT

360IT by NIITThe IT industry has grown by leaps and bounds in India over the past decade. The workforce and the portfolio of skills in this field have also changed over time because of which IT education and training have become even more important.

However, there are no rules or regulations set by the government for the IT sector with respect to certification for the professionals. There are many reasons why IT certification is extremely important:

1. Sets a Uniform Standard

IT certifications set a standard for all professionals all over the world. The certification will be an assurance and proof of one’s skills and abilities, irrespective of where the individual got his information from.

2. Less Time Consuming, Better Showcase of Skill

IT is all about skills and not theory. What makes a certification different from a degree is that the certification is of your skills as an IT professional and this does not have anything to do with your other educational credentials. On the other hand, a degree in the field gives no indication of the level of skills. Also, the certification is all about IT training for a period of a few months. You can gather and polish maximum skills with a certificate within a few months.

3. Boost for your Resume and the Company Image

Companies on the lookout for IT professionals are essentially looking for someone with skills to perform well at the job. A certification shows that you hold expertise in the specific set of skills you have been trained for. Secondly, having employees with IT certifications is a boost for the country’s image as well as speaks for the credibility of their employees and their work.

4. Certifications can be obtained mid Career

These IT certifications can be obtained even if you are already working and cannot get leave of absence for it. Although the duration of these courses is only a few months, there are options of evening, weekend and/or distance learning classes available.

5. Up-to-date and Cheaper

Certification programs are cheaper and more up to date in terms of the curriculum as compared to other IT education courses like degrees or masters.

A certification in the field of IT is not just cheaper and easier to learn but is also beneficial in the long run. Whether you get it before the start of your career or in the middle of it does not matter as it is surely bound to take you ahead faster.

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