5 Tips to Secure Your Internet Connection


Security happens to be a primary issue while you are browsing over the World Wide Web through your Wi-Fi connection. If you are making use of a secure Wi-Fi connection or a secure internet connection then you are very much safe but in case not then you are in great danger. However you do not need to be stressful here as I’m listing down some vital security tips which will help you secure your Internet connection.

Secure Your Internet Connection

1.  Installing a Firewall

A firewall will be useful in protecting your system by preventing unauthorized individuals from gaining access to your system via a network or Internet connection. It appears more like a barrier that checks all kind of information that is coming through a network or Internet, and then either obstructs such information or permits it to get through your system.

Conducting internet speed test is also important to measure internet service performance and the security level. There are online platforms to test my internet speed which provides quick, accurate, consistent, and reliable test results.

2.  Change The Admin Password on The Wireless Routers

Every manufacturer ships their wireless routers with a default password so that their users can have easy access initially. Users can easily find these passwords on manufacturer support portals, and for this reason they should be changed immediately.

3.  Turn off SSID Broadcasting & Alter the Default SSID Name

In this step, you are required to enter the name of your Service Set Identifier (SSID) manually before you consider connecting to a network, which will greatly minimize the risk from casual user whose system is configured to connect at any available SSID broadcast that it finds automatically. You also are required to change the name of your SSID from default, as they have common and default passwords.

4.  Disable DHCP

You can think about disabling your Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) on your wireless router along with assigning IP address to your systems manually. on new wireless routers, you can easily restrict your router’s access to certain MAC addresses.

5.  Replacing WEP with WPA

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) is a well-known security protocol that was originally designed to provide users with a wireless computer network with a superior privacy and security level as compared to what is normally expected of a wired computer network.

WEP is considered to be an extremely weak kind of security as it utilized common 60 or 80 bit key that is shared among all the devices available on the network to easily encrypt the wireless data. Hackers can easily access different tools that are available over the Internet and can crack the WEP key in a couple of minutes. As soon as they have been able to crack the WEP key, the entire network traffic turns into a clear text and that also instantly, which makes it exceedingly easy for the hackers to treat even a private network as an open one.

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) is a standard-based, powerful and interoperable security technology utilized for wireless computer networks. It offers users with strong and superior level data protection by making use of 128 bit encryption keys as well as the dynamic session keys to make it certain that a wireless computer network stays private and secure.

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