Amazing Ways to Beef Up Your Workplace Security

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Improving security in the workplace can be a tricky situation for many business owners. How so, I hear you ask? It can be a sensitive issue because many employers feel that their employees would sense a lack of distrust. That by beefing up security without a specific incident, they’re implying that they don’t trust their employees.

It’s an understandable concern. It’s also what leads business owners to leave security upgrades until something bad happens. When that “specific incident” has occurred, then you’ve already put in those security measures a little too late!

If you’re the business owner, then it’s your responsibility to make sure the security of your office is as good as it can be. You need to to prevent and identify burglars, arrange video surveillance, and send instant alerts for any security issues. Setting up business alarms systems is imperative to protecting customers, employees, valuable equipment, materials and company information. Smart alarm systems use modern technologies for detecting unauthorized intrusions and take security control of your business premise. You don’t want all that expensive equipment stolen, do you?

Here are some things you should be considering with regards to your office security.

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Employee and visitor access

Not everyone can afford a security guard. But preventing someone from entering your building without credentials seems difficult without one. What you need in this situation is something like a TWIC card reader. Having an electronic system that uses the ID cards of employees and visitors is a good way to prevent unwanted access.

You should also ensure that employees know to question any unfamiliar faces on site. If visitors have been given a card of some sort then they can produce this when asked. Just make sure that visitors are always given a card, to prevent awkward scenarios!

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Research your building

What are all the possible ways in which one could get into your building? You shouldn’t just be thinking of the traditional entrances and exits. Observe your building thoroughly. Is it feasible for someone to climb to a given window? Would it be impossible for someone to enter your building through someone else’s building?

You may not have a security guard, but you can appoint someone to keep a close eye on potential problem areas. If the outside of your building has holes or objects that would allow someone to climb it, consider calling in a laborer. They can help modify the building so no-one can find sneakier means of access. You should also consider having signs outside that highlight your strong security measures. This should help deter any would-be criminals.

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Last resort measures

So despite all your security measures, someone has gotten into the building after hours. Maybe they’re a ninja or have the ability to walk through walls. Whatever the case, you should consider having something in your office that protects your equipment from theft.

CCTV in your office is going to help you identify any criminals if this happens. They can be motion-sensitive, turning on and recording whenever someone is moving around after hours. But there are two more things that may help prevent further wrongdoing. One is a terrifying alarm system that wails with almighty fury if someone trespasses. The next is cable locking. Attaching these to your most expensive equipment will full-stop prevent them from taking anything.

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