Android Tablets: What Touch Screen Size Is Right For You

GoClever R83.3- 8 Inch Tablet Dual Core

Tablets have become the must-have device for technophiles and technophobes alike. The groundbreaking gadgets have completely changed the way we look at computers, and the devices can be used for almost any task. Whether you want to read a book on the daily commute or spend some downtime playing games or editing photos, most Android tablets have you covered for all your computing needs. However, with so many different models available, it can be difficult deciding which one is the best. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach, but one of the most important features for all users is the size of the touch screens. Tablet screens can range quite drastically in size, and larger doesn’t always mean better.

GoClever R83.3- 8 Inch Tablet Dual Core

Smaller Screens

A small tablet screen typically ranges between 7 and 8 inches, and portability is the major selling point of having a smaller sized tablet. Most smaller models can comfortably be tucked away in a small bag or even coat pocket, and they are ideal devices for reading digital books or listening to music on the go. A small Android tablet will typically lack the power of a larger model, but they will run the most popular apps available from the Play Store.

Asus Google Nexus 7 Tablet, 2013, 32GB, WIFI, Black.

Medium Sized Screens

Most Android tablet models fall into the medium sized screen range, and this is typically anywhere between 8.1 and 9.7 inches. Earlier this year, the Kindle Fire HD upped its tablet screen size to match other Android tablet competitors and move out of the e-reader market. The larger touch screen area is easier to use and navigate than on a smaller device, and the increased resolution allows for a more clear and detailed display. These medium sized tablet screens are ideal ‘all-rounders’ and can be used for media, gaming and internet browsing purposes. However, unlike smaller Android models, they can’t be comfortably used in one hand and users will probably benefit more from using them like a laptop rather than an e-reader.

ACER - Acer Iconia A200 10.1 INCH Tegra2DC

Larger Screens

New Android tablet models boast touch screens which are more than 10 inches in size. These newer devices are more expensive, but they are equipped with some of the fastest processors on the market. The increased screen size will benefit users who need a larger surface area for graphic design purposes like digital drawing or photo manipulation. The larger screen and higher resolution is also attractive to users who primarily need their tablet for media purposes, like watching movies or streaming television shows.

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