Augmented Reality – Brands Engaging Audience in New Way

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Augmented Reality is an excellent way of showing Reality that you can create by using technology. AR is the enhanced version of VR (Virtual Reality) as it allows you to put digital information on an image or screen. US army implies AR technology to increase awareness related to different situations. Thus, the US army is an example of the use of AR in a unique way. According to the instructions of officials, AR also aids the US army to assign positions to the members. 

Snapchat Scan Search Technology

McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola are now using Snapchat scan search technology. They are now brand partners for it. People who are iOS device users can access this application if they have installed Snapchat. Those who use Snapchat have to hold fingers on the application’s camera screen. Then, they have to find AR lenses and logos related to what you want to focus on the camera. Finally, you can see corresponding images of logos and beverage giants. 

Coca-Cola and McDonald’s Logo Scanning 

Besides, US users of iOS activated their scan feature and used it on unique and different logos. The users can scan McDonald’s logo to items like Burger wrappers, French fry boxes. Thus, they can use three of McDonald’s AR lenses which are engaging. The users who use iOS are the only ones who can unlock Lens Carousel. This feature also engaged the Coca-Cola logo. 

After all, by using Lens Carousel, the users can scan Coca-Cola cans and also get benefit to see enveloping features. Hence, it doesn’t include Coke Diet or any other similar product.

Machine Learning Logo Scanner 

The developers and researchers of Snapchat are dealing with two different partner teams to enable its Machine Learning to scan different logos. On a variety of products, Snapchat can now generate beautiful and high-quality results through its Machine Learning system. 

Digital Content, Statement by Carolina

Marketing manager on Snap’s AR group, Carolina Arguelles, said in an email.

“The two organizations Scan steps to supplement their current advertising efforts and help to extend their Digital Presence into the physical world.”

She extended her talk that this app can unlock progressive lenses through its scanning system. Besides, this app can also encourage Snapchat users. Therefore, brands can earn value and extend their businesses digitally and approach more customers than before.

AR Lenses Content Generation 

Through scanning, the users can find the brand of their interest, this feature helps the brands, and they can get more sales through AR lenses generated content. Hence, Snapchat user’s attractive audience by making their profiles more engaging. Now you can find different products by scanning feature. 

Lens Studio, Snapchat’s Public AR Creation Tool

McDonald’s and Coca-Cola can approach to some more meaningful and exciting features. However, after taking part in this initial step, any brand can create a marker tech lens for free through Lens Studio. Snapchat’s public AR creation tool allows them to submit it to the Snapchat community directly to advertise their products. 

Take Aways

However, it’s a turning effect to make the use of AR lenses in trending. It’s another way to enhance engagement with the modern audience and to earn more from existing. This augmented reality technology offers different opportunities and possibilities for brands. Now you can produce memorable moments, share your activities, and even encourage product and introduce it to others as well. Thus, we can’t wait to see brands which are rising through AR and holding future in their hands.   

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