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For some blogging is a habit, for some it is a business. Whatsoever be your purpose to launch a blog, you need to promote it. Very few of us can extract time and spend on marketing it. Unless you go for paid advertisement, no one else will do the job for you.

Therefore, you need simple solution that is time-saving too. Automation is the solution for you. Just a click and your blog updates will be sent to hundreds of sites, blogs and search engines. What else you want? Think of such smart tools that makes your marketing job damn easier.

Auto Ping

Auto Ping: The solution of many problems:

In web there is one quick solution you may look for. This is called “Auto Ping”. Auto ping is a web marketing tool that helps you strike other blogs about your updates.

How to ping your blog?

The process of pinging is as simple as it is browsing Google. Just write a new post or update your site with some news; then go to an Auto Ping site. Submit the post URL that you want to market.  Your post will be spread across the sites you have chosen.

You can also submit feed URL there. Just copy your RSS feed URL or Feed Burner URL and paste it on the given box. The job is almost done.

It may require few minutes to complete the pinging job. In general, you need not to register in any Auto ping sites or the sites affiliated with it. However, few sites and search engines may ask you register manually.

Auto Ping Sites:

Now, it is time to refer you to such auto ping sites. Few popular I use for my blog are –,,,, etc. There are many you can search through Google. Every time I write a new post, I make sure they are pinged right on the moment.

I can do it for free and there is no need to depend on others. It is convenient, effective and result-oriented. Try this Social Media tool today and enjoy good ranks in Alexa and Google.

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