Benefits of working with integrated systems


What are the benefits of integrated systems over separate systems in IT?  Many think that executing separate system is easier than integrated system.  You can implement them one-by-one.

Take accounting or customer relationship management for example.  If you sign up with a new CRM and a popular accounting software, it will take very little time and effort from you.  You have to load into separate CRM and accounting software. But, the concept holds good until you are doing anything beyond simple application.

Integrated systems

Integrated systems win:

When it comes to connect information from the CRM to accounting software the options are limited.  You must get a workaround it.

Either, you have to install third party integration software – may cause system breakdown

Or, hire someone who will code a new integration method – may cost you more

Or, deal with the separate system ad hoc

These create complexity and blockage to use separate systems. Over all, the cost and effort required to implement the whole system increases.

So, it is proved that separate systems are not a solution for even a small business.

What this integrated system is up to?

With systems integrationyou have multiple advantages.

  1. You can easily finish sign up process
  2. It is also easy to enter information since you are not doing it twice as you did in separate system
  3. It is easier to connect information as the system is already designed with all data connected properly.

Thus for a total business solutions integrated systems are better option than disconnected solutions

How to use integrated system?

Business owner should connect documents to customers, costs to service requests, staff to project and all other terminals like this. Make sure you are not using separate systems for different projects.  If this is done the integration is temporary and unusable by others.

IT system integration:

Systems integrationis highly recommended for business IT functions. Here  each of the IT components like software, hardware, server, security options, network connection, client servicing technology are integrated to provide highly-efficient IT support. Separate control of IT networks and systems may not give you total security, easy coordination and flexibility.

If you want to implement the same for IT business expansion, consult an IT support company in your area.

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