Bing Map, a GPS system by Microsoft is all set to take the globe by storm, lets know why


On 25th June 2012, Microsoft announced Bing Maps that it will be the largest satellite maps images with effective features. Bing is currently providing 165TB of satellite view which will have a greater resolution of any location all over the globe. It uses the latest technology which has not been incorporated by any other Map service providers. Earlier, Bing Map had a total of 129TB of images for Maps. Currently, this has increased and with the raise there is greater resolution of Satellite map viewing.

Bing Maps

The Bing Map Foundation delivers location information live by creating it simpler to imagine and evaluate. The great visuals information and effective technology of Bing Maps is used by a large number of companies and common people.  It lets you select from a huge collection of APIs to connect modern programs so as to permit the screen of complete information, in turn, stimulating the all people, thus, working for business.

Currently, Google Map is covering every satellite Map market with its great mapping system .However; Bing Maps will be next in line if it continues with exclusive features as compared to Google. This is an enormous step by Bing Map of Microsoft. Microsoft and Google are already in competition in different technical fields such as Search Engine with Google-Bing, Mobile operating system as Android – Windows, Email as Gmail-Hotmail and in other various platform. They are also competitors in Map services. Bing has announced about their Map services, but, Google Map has already taken on the first position and no one has been able to take over from them till date. This is a wonderful opportunity for Bing to attract more users and pose tough competition for Google Map. We will have to wait and see which of these two will succeed and survive.

Microsoft has created Bing maps by making best use of the latest technology, which, includes more than 300MP of camera. The Bing Maps imagery was taken through satellite which covered about 38 million square km including North America, South America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia. Can you just imagine the technology used by Microsoft and how much money has gone in making it effective and a success?

Features of Bing Maps Platform:

  • Amazing, photographic pictures with different features such as Road view and many other effective points that seems information in perspective while making simple direction and routing.
  •  The Bing Maps can easily provide small to a zoom view much other information about various places.
  • The Specific road view, area view building information and many other details are included in Bing Mapping system for several areas.
  • It helps many huge companies as it covers internal and external details to improve the company understanding. For example, view revenue details with customer group details to evaluate local revenue potential.
  • Programmer support features included on Bing Maps such as boards, and it has been termed as reliable by a large number of companies globally.
  • It includes solid set of APIs, which is available for programmer to build modern software tools.
  • Easily works in conjunction with other tools technologies and extends help when assessing effective information.
  • Bing Map includes very effective features and acts as a GPS system which works on mobile devices and aids in track location and obtain weather and traffic information.

It is great experience to use Bing Map services which provides great view of Mountain, Roads, buildings and various locations. Bing mobile application helps track places through GPS system which in turn assists to locate the respective area while travelling. Google Play and iTunes stores include Bing Map application for Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Thus we see that Bing Map can be effectively utilized on mobile and computer systems to locate a particular area.


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