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Free Google Templates
Free Google Templates

Many of you may get perplexed while choosing a presentation theme for your slide deck. This common act generally happens when you are a newbie for making presentations. So, to help you out, you just need to master in editing slides and layouts.

All thanks to my college assignment where I need to make a presentation on resource management. Though I understand the topic but making it another understand was the biggest challenge. Thus, I took the help of Free Google Slides Templates (FGST) to help me designing a presentation in Google Slides. You might be thinking that how I come to know about it. It’s simple! While browsing, this site was in the top search.

Well, I started with great enthusiasm, making all the plans in my mind of what to place where. However, I lack many times, but FGST don’t let me down. Here is a brief of how I accomplished my project-

Content Arrangement

It is quite basic these days that content is the king. While designing slides on Google Slides, it is genuine to include content when required. Make sure your content slide must cover information based on your outline. Don’t use content in excess and shorten the length of the sentences by keeping in mind that PowerPoint is visual than verbal.

Design with Perfection

Designing is not about playing with pictures. Your content needs the creativity as well. Change its font and place suitable design along and colors on it. Just keep in mind that more appealing visual your presentation is, the more audience it will attract. And, most important, people will remember and appreciate your efforts.

Presentation Theme

Smart Presentation Themes and Templates

This is the most trending options hitting successful presentations these days. You will have plenty of options while you browse free theme and templates for Google Slides. Be creative and proficient while choosing a template and theme for your particular slide. For instance, my project on resource management made me pick Simple Pastel Presentation Template.

Data Table

This theme includes modern layout combining pictures, icons, a world map and other presentation shapes. With such features, I arranged lots of environmental images making my first slide comprehensible with the topic. You can easily get the Google Slides templates of your choice and that too with the compatibility. There were many other templates, I used in my presentation. Two of them are:

  1. Presentation Template 15 Slides for Compelling Lists: This template is adept in engaging audience. I used it for pointers explaining audience clearly with beautiful background on a slide. It appears professionalism and builds confidence in me.
  2. Gradient Backgrounds for Google Slides: An astonishing background plays a vital role in presenting what you want to represent. This theme provides you a splash page background and is ideal for impactful presentations for enhancing customer-engagement. You can edit the elements of your choice.

Customizing Slides

Meanwhile, you want to edit any slide of your presentation, FGST can help you in guiding you in that as well. Here is a brief for you-

  • Select a theme of your choice and you can change it anytime until your final selection.
  • Edit slide whenever required, you have an option for it.
  • Be wise in selecting the layout for an individual slide otherwise, the same format would be selected for other slides by default.
  • Work on one slide at a time and focus on its outcome.
  • Revise all the changes thoroughly.

Customize Layouts

Adjust background graphics and significant changes to modify any slide layout in your presentation. Pictures play good role in PowerPoint. Use them well. In free Google Slides, all themes, layouts, and templates has a professional bold look. These slides are functional for business presentations and high project as well.

So, these were the features I used in my presentation and were substantial as I scored highest in the class. Whether you are a student or an entrepreneur, you will get to know these three things:

  • Design to make information clear and medium for persuasion.
  • Good visuals enhance customer-engagement.
  • Brilliant templates create meaningful content and provide audience an unforgettable experience.

Google Slides can be either a good companion for the professional presenter as well as a replacement tool for Microsoft PowerPoint. For instance, some organizations can’t afford to purchase licenses of Microsoft PowerPoint or use open source Linux OS as the operating system making impossible to run Microsoft Office. Some others prefer to use cheaper computer devices such as Chromebooks. For these users, Google Slides is one of the preferred choices to prepare and deliver the presentations. One of the benefits of using Google Slides is that you can also import your presentation templates, this enables you to use any professionally-designed business template, like the business PowerPoint template in your Google Slides presentations.

Furthermore, Google Slides let you collaborate online with your team either in the same physical office or remotely. It is one of the best solutions out there to design presentations online and communicate your message to an audience.

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