Chattanooga Seen as Top Technological City Due to Infrastructure


There are leaders in Wisconsin today who are jealous of the Chattanooga’s high speed Internet as discussed in an article online.

The article mentions that Chattanooga is a good example of how far the gap it has for Wisconsin to achieve before it can be considered equal in the “technology race”.

An EPB spokeswoman has even stated that many company leaders get inquiries from all over the world regarding the fiber optic cables that were used there.

Chattanooga for fibre broadband

The EBP leaders have met with leaders in countries such as New Zealand, Ireland and Israel as they wanted to talk to the officials in Chattanooga about their local gigabit abilities and other related points.

The spokeswoman of EBP said that they have heard from some area communities that they are interested in introducing fiber optics to the residents.

She said that it was not allowed at present because legislation forbids it to be extended in their service area. If it changed however, she said, they would love to help others enjoy what Chattanooga is experiencing nowadays.

Executive director of the Wisconsin State Telecommunications Association Bill Esbeck said that a lot of governments have already failed in trying to achieve what the city has done.

He even stated that it all comes down to the taxpayer’s expense. In order to create the success that was made in Chattanooga, a citywide effort should be made and collaborated with the people.

A spokesman for TDS Telecom in Madison, Wisconsin said that only the large companies can take advantage of a gigabit network’s full capabilities.

Local leaders have not agreed to this at all. They said that the benefits of it reaches afar off as it touches everything from significant boost to economic development as new businesses will be relocating to the area.

It will also be a place where top talents in the technological industry will be attracted to live and work and thus benefiting the entire city said the spokeswoman.

As found in a recent corporate site selection survey, cost-efficient energy and high speed Internet availability ranks as the top five area factors for selection that business owners consider in a location.

This has placed the city of Chattanooga in what we can call a “niche position” due to the infrastructure found here, she said.

And as stated in a report that was done by Dr. Bento Lobo from UTC, the overall net benefit that the country has is nearly $1.5 billion, which includes the creation of about three thousand jobs.

The spokeswoman said that it ends up being a net benefit of around $3,500 for every resident in the country.

She also said that their original goal was for Smart Grid technology to minimize the impact of outages in power within the community.

The local leaders have estimated that the Smart Grid technology means around 40 percent less time with no power outages and about $40 million in savings each year for companies in the service area.

The publication in Wisconsin is not the only one to write about the success in Chattanooga’s change.

Even the New York Times have stated that in 2010, the city will have the fastest Internet in North America.

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