Choose the best CD printing type for your project

CD printing

Compact Disc printing is used by various business enterprises for printing information on CD. This labeling technique helps in the identification of compact discs.  You can use the process to get full color, high resolution graphics on a compact disc. Moreover it helps you to project the brand name of your company with great style and finest quality.

You may copy CD for your in-house project or use it for commercial use. Whatever may be the reason for using CD, you can get a wide array of disc printing solutions. You can opt for this service either online or from a disc manufacturer near to your home according to your budget.

CD printing

 Get to know the types and technology

You must be interested to know at this stage about the different types of CD printing. In general three types of CD printing are used. You have to carefully choose the right one for your project after weighing up its pros and cons. Furthermore it’s also important for you to know the technologies used for printing compact discs.

You can get 3 basic CD printing options including Offset, Silk Screen and Full Color Thermal Digital. Offset type helps to emphasize your brand image through high resolution. It also uses fine color for the purpose of printing your full color logos as well as photos.

You can also use silk screen for designs where specific Pantone Matching System or PMS color is essential. You can opt for this method only when 1-3 colors are used in the art, style and design of your project.

Apart from Offset and Silk Screen, you can also make use of Thermal Digital printing. This method is based on melting a coating of colored ribbon on the surface of the CD. It is cost-effective and provides superb finishing touch to your print. In fact it is better in comparison with the offset CD printing. You can get quick and fantastic result with this thermal transfer method. If you want to get your print done within 24 hours, you can do it through thermal color printing. However if you use silk screen or offset method, it will take about 5-7 days to complete your work.


You should also be familiar with the technology used in compact disc printing. This will help you to choose the best method for your project as per your need and expectations. Re-transfer printer is one of the latest technologies for producing smaller quantities of print. It is based on white-coated disc media technique which is used for enhancing the photographic quality of your full CD. This is what is known as color thermal printing. If you use this method, you can get smudge resistant printing.

Crux of the matter

Therefore you have to carefully make the selection amongst these three types. Try to make the best choice for providing a professional finish to your project. However remember that your type of printing is also determined by how quickly you need to get your project done. Choose the best type from a reputed disc manufacturing store online and make your project a successful one.

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