Cloud Computing for thin-clients – Go virtual


What if someone ask you to run a data-centric business without using desktop computer in your office? How could it possible for you to work without the right hardware and software components? What about the programs that your employees need in day-to-day operation?

Can your run a large corporation like this? How will you manage your crucial business information?

Well, how about accessing your computer data from a remote place anytime you wish? Could you think this way?

Cloud Computing

Your business data goes virtual:

Well, cut it short. Have you heard of Cloud Computing model?  How about looking at some web-based services that would allow you to store, access, manage your data virtually? Yes, Google and Apple have some specials in store for you.

Yes, now you may forget fat-client operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and think ahead. Google’s Chrome OS and Apple’s Lion are working on cloud-based operating system.

How does it function?

It is simple from the front end. Instead of installing software suite for each different computer, you just need to load a single application on everyone’s computer. Workers can simply log in to the system and access the entire program used to do regular job. These programs would be hosted by remote machines owned by another company. They will execute everything right from your email to word processing to complex analysis. To put it simple, cloud-computing is non-PC centric data storage and access system.

Good example: If you have mail account with Gmail. Yahoo mail or Hotmail, just think how you access your mail data. All your incoming and outgoing mail data are stored on a third party web-based platform.

Here in cloud-computing, the concept is very much similar.  Just log in to your account remotely. The software and stored database for your account does not need to be on your computer. There are virtual servers available on the internet to do your job.

It is worth applying:

Thus cloud computing model has made IT more capable and worthy. Now you don’t need to invest handsome amount on office infrastructure or to train new personnel or to license new software. Full fledge application, storage services and spam filtering – all what you wanted is here.

Just let your IT system plug into computing model. Have internet connection and a browser on your system. Now you may forget file at your office and can access them from any of your device. It is all there on the iCloud.

Is it really? Decide of your own:

But, all is not well. What if you don’t have fast bandwidth? Moreover, do you really want to trust Google or Apple with your data? What happens if you don’t pay monthly fees to Google? What if some government regulations ask you for copyright audits? Are your data safe and privatized?

However, it is up to the users to decide – Windows OS or Google Chrome’s OS. As of now, the concept has started rolling. Though not in full-fledge, cloud computing is likely to have bright days ahead.

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