Cybersecurity Trends to Know in 2020

cyber security

Cybersecurity and the need for taking personal steps to preserve online security is nothing new. Since the earliest years of the internet, digital literacy has been a necessity with the United Kingdom passing their Cybersecurity Misuse Act in 1990! As we spend more and more time online whether it’s for work, banking, socialising, administration, or leisure time, having proper systems in place to protect your personal and professional data is essential. In 2020 the rise in remote work, learning, and buying has led to an associated increase in phishing and malware attacks that only adds to the urgency for every user to have strong cybersecurity practices in place.

The World Economic Forum is also treating cybersecurity even more seriously in light of COVID-19. Charles Blauner and Georges de Moura write about the importance of enhanced cybersecurity precautions in an age of remote work, study and living. They say,

“Security bugs and privacy-abusing practices are not new, but have been exacerbated by the growing demand for cost-effective and just-in-time solutions, along with the pressure to digitize and innovate quickly to keep ahead of competition, increase operational efficiencies, improve customer experience and improve business decisions with enhanced analytics.”

Understanding key trends in cybersecurity fosters a strong foundation of effective, consistent practices for short-term and long-term benefits. This infographic from Paradyn expands on five key trends in the cybersecurity space that affect users all over the world:

  • Data protection policies
  • Cloud security
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning security solutions
  • Securing networks with the Internet of Things
  • Next generation security authentication for all accounts

Regardless of if you’re a digital native or a tech novice, learning more about these trends can enrich your online habits even if it’s as small a change as updating passwords more regularly for better ‘digital hygiene’. The full graphic below outlines statistics and expert insights in an easy-to-read format to get you started on your cybersecurity journey.

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