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‘Mess’ is not majestic. Visual clutter is not something that people in general will appreciate. You know it very well, as your mama has taught it innumerable times, then why on earth your official Facebook page is in a sorry state of complete disarray, lacking any semblance of order, making people believe that the owner must have a taste for something chaotic. Negative publicity might work but it may not work the way you have envisaged.

Let us remind us once again that Facebook is still the ruling the roost in the social media circle with a massive users base which is expending like anything else. So, if your Facebook page is in disarray, you are simply losing loads of opportunities to cash in on those visitors. However, I am not asking you bombard them like hell with myriads of ads, nope it will just backfire. Rather what I am trying to suggest is that you need to keep your Facebook page neat and clean so that visitors feel at home and you can see some positive development on the engagement front.

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Think About the Cover Image

I hope you are aware of the fact that Facebook has revoked the ban on the Cover image using Call to Action. A great move indeed. I really had no idea why Facebook had that peculiar rule in place. So, there are opportunities galore for marketers to make the most of this amazing platform.

The cover image should be in sync with your marketing effort. Your marketing initiative should be revolving around it. For say, if you are promoting an ebook, you need to make sure that the cover image of your Facebook fan page should reflect that. A big and bright image of your ebook may serve the purpose. Whatever the purpose is you have to make sure that the cover image reflects that.

Focus on Visual Aspects

Do you know what people love most about the new interface on Facebook? It is bold and offers bigger space for using high quality images. As far as the statistics are concerned, it is seen that people tend to engage more with posts that contain visual elements as oppose to only textual content. So, that simple means that if you are not using visually addictive content not that often, you may be forcing your members to seek it elsewhere. However, if you do not have original images, you do not have to worry. You can convert simple texts into bold images. Haven’t you seen people sharing quotes of famous individuals in image format? It makes a powerful impact on the audience.

Editorial Calendar

I know you are being told this millions of time that if you do not have an editorial calendar for your facebook fanpage, it is already dead. You need to feed it with interesting, informative and unique information time and again in order to make the page look fresh and active. By updating your Facebook page, you will create a fertile ground where your targeted audience will thrive.

Sometimes, You need to Pay

You cannot enjoy free lunch all time. Since you are trying to drive traffic to your website via facebook page or at least trying to add some mileage to your marketing effort by getting people engaged to your page, you have to loosen your purse string sometimes. There is an option in Facebook – ‘pay to promote’ that will let you expand the reach of your post. Or else you can try ‘Sponsored stories’ that will help you reach out to more people. This is an excellent option for marketers to drive targeted traffic to their Facebook page by breaking the vicious “friends of friends” pool.

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Do not Fear Fall 

You have to accept that fact that when you will be running a marketing campaign on Facebook chances are that you will make some mistakes. Accept this and move on. You should not stop experimenting with your marketing initiates at any cost. If you fall, try to figure the reasons behind it and then revise your marketing plan accordingly and come up with a killer and infallible marketing strategy.

You are having a Great Time

If you do not enjoy your job, I must say that you will never be able to achieve greatness in it. The same goes true with Facebook marketing. If you do not like interacting with people, sharing interesting things that people will love to share with their friend or lack the patience to deal with difficult people, Facebook is not a place where you should be seeking your luck. In order to make your mark felt in this platform, you have to love whatever you are doing.

Hopefully, with the aforementioned tips, you will be able to declutter your Facebook page.

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