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If you have million dollars business online and you are still operating it on shared server you may have to repent soon.   Yes, it is a fact. You may no longer continue with your shared server just to save some money.  As you all know shared server is less expensive, but it works well only if you have a small internet business.  For large and growing multinationals you can not continue with limited bandwidth and space.

So what is the solution?  How to make sure that your websites are not running out of bandwidth limit?

If you have large number of traffics coming to your website and bandwidth does not permit, you may loose potential customers. At the end of the day you will never expect customers to get frustrated because of technical faults or server problem.

Server Club - Dedicated Server

Look for alternatives

The only way to solve this problem is to go for dedicated server hosts.  They come up with an array of advantages.  With dedicated servers you have more hosting space, more room for multi-user forums. You can also host shopping cart websites with large databases.  Once bandwidth increases, it helps more and more customers to quickly access your website.

Costing is not the concern

Now come to the costing part of it.  It is true that initial set up cost is high for dedicated server web server. But once your business starts growing and you start earning from multiple websites your investment is paid off.  You may also develop any number of money making websites and earn revenue from internet ads.

The biggest advantage of having dedicated web server hosts is that you can set up your own security. Everything over there is your own and only yours. No one has to access to your hosted programs and files except you.  It obviously boosts security and independence.

Quality uncompromised

So everything seems fine as far as dedicated web server is concerned – except one major concern – “quality service and excellent customer support”.

What if your hosting service provider does not take care of your day-to-day server related issues?

What if they don’t take immediate action in case there are problems in system maintenance, malfunctions, serious warning, overload failure or excessive customer request?

Choose only the best

You need the best server hosting company on job who can offer affordable hosting service. Server Club ( is one such brand that is known for its effective, professional, quick and most importantly free customer support services.  Being with them you can choose the best server set with the best hardware configuration.  With  iDRAC Enterprise option Dell’s technology – even remote users can access the server through web-browser.  The experts will also do initial software installation and set up; design your network and give all kind of necessary consultations.

So no more delay. Secure your online business today with server hosting experts.

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