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There are people who are always haunted by the feeling that all the mails they have sent for their email marketing campaigns are going to get dumped into the trash folders of others. Now, I do not blame them given the kind of weird things they do when they are managing their email marketing campaigns. I am quite sure that you are not going to make mistakes like a novice and I am not going to discuss that thing here. Rather what I am going to point out is a list of mistakes committed by even veteran email marketers.

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Let’s have a look at them:

Your Ideas Suck:

There are some people who send emails just because they are assigned with the task of doing so on a weekly or monthly basis. Now, as you are totally unclear why you are supposed to send an email to a recipient or what are the objectives of sending bulk emails like this, you are just going to mess things up. I have seen on numerous occasions email lack a primary call to action. They just contains a list of the updates made on the website in a given period of time. Now what the f**k I am supposed to do with that. Man, you need to show me the reason otherwise, I give it a damn to click on the links and bump on your website.

So, whenever you are asked to create an email marketing campaign, please do ask your senior or your client what they would like to achieve through it. Are they looking forward to see more conversions or they would be happy to see a rise in the number of visitors? Get your math correct and off you go.

You are a dumb marketer:

Selling is a simple process. It just involves two parties – one is a seller and other one is a buyer. But this goes totally mucked up and confusing when the reality bites. In the majority of cases, the sellers seem so much engrossed with their offerings that they rarely give a damn to what they are selling and to whom. Since they are being brainwashed by their seniors to sell as many items as possible, they do not any such research about the targeted demographics. If you continue doing so, it will be a huge marketing disaster. The same thing applies to email marketing, People often know the recipients. They only have lists of email ids and they are assigned with the task of sending mails in bulk. So, there is no researched work involves right? You are so wrong. You need to gather intelligence about the targeted audience, what they like, what they dislike and based on that information, you need to fine-tune your email template so that they find it really interesting.

You are Loquacious:

Probably the main reason why everyone around is dumping your mail to the bin is that your message is so scattered. There is no definite headway and it is completely off the track. If you are asking your targeted readers to visit your website, sign up for a new offer, try coupon to get some discount and other things in the same mail, you are just distracting their attention. This makes me remind the daily drama in my house. My wife always asks me to do a long list of tasks at one go and the tasks are so varied in nature that I lost the track finally and head toward gym. However, it is not that I am a disobedient husband (I hope my honey will back me up here). The thing is that I got distracted so with so many details and finally settled for something easier. The same goes with emails. It needs to focus on a single goal and do not cram the email with too many Call to action and there you go.

Mind Your Time:

Now, do not tell me that you do not care about the timing of sending emails. This sucks really. Sending emails on Friday evening and on Wednesday mid-morning is not the same. Timing is an incredible element that you need to monitor closely to see higher conversion. It is like proposing your lady love. Wrong timing and you are done. So, monitor the acceptance rates of your email marketing campaign and figure out which timing seems to be the perfect and Bingo.

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