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One can accidentally delete his/her important files from their Mac device but that does not mean they are completely lost. There are many data recovery software available in the market for mac data recovery. Some of them are useful and some of them are not and it is absolutely important to have a good knowledge about the software before starting the process of data recovery. EaseUs is the most reliable and efficient free data recovery software for the small businesses.


How Does EaseUS help?

The best free data recovery software called EaseUS definitely lives up to its name as it provides completely easy mac data recovery, with minimal effort by the users. Using the application is so easy that everybody would get used to it very soon.

The developers of this software completely focused on the novice users. They did not include any confusion and unnecessary steps so that the application can be accessed and fully utilised by almost everybody who’s in need. Due to EaseUS, mac data recovery is actually possible now by just clicking a few buttons. The most exciting part is the fact that no matter how simple the application is, it still gives as effective results as others.

Features of EaseUS

As already mentioned, EaseUS is one of those software which can be accessed by both an IT manager and a user who has never recovered any file earlier in his/her life. The interface is really simple and just streamlined process allows retrieving lost data without much hassle.

Apart from the personal uses, this software is built with every single tool to run Mac data recovery for your business. Remote network access is one of those. In a business, there are many computers connected to a single network. Due to the remote network access feature, any computer can be scanned and files can be recovered from a remote location. This is a really good feature for the businesses since the recovery process becomes much easier and faster for the employees as well as the person recovering it.

EaseUS data recovery has a version which can be launched from any bootable media whatsoever. The use of this feature would come into play when your computer would be absolutely crashed. When your computer cannot even load the operating system, you would not be able to access and recover the deleted files. Using this version of EaseUS would make it possible.

Using EaseUS Data Recovery Software

As soon as you launch this data recovery software, the first thing it does is that it lists all the hard drives available on your Mac. One button would be present which would say “Scan”. Clicking it will begin the process right away and all the deleted data would be shown.

After the scanning is over, the process of recovery starts off. A file tree layout would be displaying all the found data among which one can choose the files he/she want to recover. To recover the files, one just has to tick the squares right beside the name of the file. After choosing all the files to recover, one has to click on the recover button which would then give him/her the option to choose where on the hard drive, he wants to recover the file to.

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