Easy Ways To Counterfiet Virus


Gone are the days when people were not aware of malwares and their harmful effects on the PCs. Now each and everybody is bothered about the protection of their PC. There are very people who have not installed an antivirus in their PC. Antivirus software is primarily used for prevention, detection as well as removal of malware. Various forms of malware such as spyware or adware can be removed with the help of antivirus. If you have not installed an antivirus in your PC, go for it today.

Counterfiet Virus

Follow the virus prevention tips given below.

  • Do not open an attachment from an email that has come from an unknown, untrustworthy or suspicious source.
  • If you are not sure what an email attachment contains, you should not open it even if it has come from a friend or a reliable source. Some virus can diffuse through emails by reduplicating themselves. So make sure you know what an attachment contains before opening it.
  • If an email comes with an unexpected or suspicious subject line, it is better not to open any attachments from that mail.
  • Delete any junk email or chain email that you get. Make sure you don’t reply to any questionable mail. You should not forward such mails as well. These are spam emails that are meant to spoil the security of your system. So be ware of these emails.
  • While downloading files from the Internet you should practice caution. Always download files from well known and legitimate source. Make sure the download site runs antivirus.

PC antivirus software is easily available in the market. You can also download them online. They come with simple user interface ensuring convenience of use. Even if you are a beginner you can use the software easily. So install an antivirus in your PC today.

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