Event Wi-Fi Setup Is No Longer Something To Worry About

Event Wi-Fi Setup

It is understood that the greater the Wi-Fi is at an event, the better result you will have with product demos, presentations and attendee happiness will be top level. But majority of the people especially those who have had an experience of Wi-Fi in events like the conferences and other important meetings are not in the favor of the Wi-Fi due to poor setup problems, signal issues, dead spots etc. You  can not rely upon and solelly depend on the venue’s connection speeds sometimes, or else you will end up getting an unreliable coverage if you have a large number of attendees or if you are dealing with a large venue with potential coverage issues.

So, you should be investigating the venues beforehand to ensure that they can guarantee you a safe and reliable connection throughout the session and have a backup plan.

The Dual Band Connection

Well,  there are the types of Wi-Fi which has the basic technology and updated one. But it is found that in majority of the conferences and in several venues, the Wi-Fi runs at a very weak signal, the frequency read like 2.4 GHz and this is not reliable when you have a long term planning.

Another type of those technologies have the 5 GHz frequency. Well that is a bit faster than the previous one. The speed might have increased with relatively bigger frequency but then off course the question arises, will you have it clear when it comes to coverage and live-streaming? That is when the issue creeps in with Wi-Fi.

While the other option is to reduce the event Wi-Fi access to the users. And allow those who are part of an important meeting and they are on purpose. This can help you if you are having a quality Wi-Fi first, get to the coverage and there might not be slowness but the thing you should look after is to limit the data and access to the users.

And if everything goes according to the plan, you will have a safe connection and have a great experience but rather than this you will have to compromise on a multiple things.

Picking the Right Bandwidth

The bandwidth tier is one of the most important aspects one needs to check out if one is checking out the best event WiFi options. Different tiers of bandwidth offer you a differing degree of speed and results. While the cellular bandwidth may be the cheapest alternative, but tends to be least reliable in many cases.

Dedicated bandwidth will ensure that you will have access to a network access that never gets dropped. You can be assured of a 99.9 percent uptime with a dedicated bandwidth which may not go down more than five minutes a month. It will be delivered by fiber optic cables and makes use of point to point antennas.

Understanding User Density

The user density is yet another area that will have a huge essence in providing a better degree of event WiFi connectivity. Have a clear understanding of the number of people who will be attending the event. This will be helpful in making the right choice for the best possible event WiFi performance for providing a degree of service that indeed perfectly matches your needs in terms of Internet of Things.

The number of attendees will not be the only thing that will make a difference. Your audience will be moving in hordes and there may be a few areas that they tend to assemble in a large numbers, while the other areas will remain less denser. This would need a focus on  a High density WiFi service. Those were just a few pointers that should assist you in arriving at the best possible options for the right kind of event WiFi. Ensure that you opt for the right kind of a service provider and this can ensure that you stand to gain a happy audience.

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