Facebook Marketing Etiquette Explained in 4 Easy Steps

facebook ettiquete

If you have been using the might of social media to promote your small business recently, how has that been working out for you so far?Despite the huge potential that these platforms offer by way of marketing your products or services, more than a few entrepreneurs have been left at the starting blocks because they’ve not really bothered to follow some basic yet vital ground rules. But all is not lost, because we have some tips that will help you to brush up on your social media etiquette in time to let you have a second bite of the marketing cherry. See if you have fallen foul of these bloopers and adjust your next campaign accordingly and you’ll be as good as gold once more.

facebook ettiquete

What is fCommerce?

Well, you have heard of e-commerce already, fCommerce is all about marketing your services and business through Mr Zuckerberg’s Leviathan of a social media platform. Happy businessmen and women have managed to earn over $35 billion in less than five years all through the wonders of Facebook and fCommerce. But all of these individuals have followed the correct etiquette and have reaped their rewards as a result. So let’s get onto these clever little nuances before we run out of space and time.

Get Linking

Okay, let’s assume that you have already got your business page/profile up and running, the next thing that you need to do is to link this up with your business website. You can do this via the Facebook options and if you can’t see the right instructions you can use the excellent help section. You should also add a Facebook ‘follow me’ icon to your website via one of the myriad of widget options.

Find your Followers

This is one of the key elements that many small businessmen and woman fail miserably on. Attracting appropriate followers to your page is imperative, not only should they be interested in your services or products but they should be happy to share your good stuff within their own communities. Go and visit similar business areas and ‘like’ the articles that you see there, they should notice this and return the compliment. Forget about paying for ‘likes’ this may look cool but you’ll get zero proper interaction and it will be a waste of money.

Spamming is Bad

Do not force your services down your follower’s throats, it’s much better to engage in some interesting dialogues and they will eventually be keen to see what else you have on offer. Spamming is an unforgivable crime on Facebook and you’ll soon be looking at tumbleweeds instead of followers if you ignore this rule.

Choose an URL

Take advantage of Facebook’s generosity and pick a bespoke URL that reflects your brand nicely. This can be found easier in the search facility and your brand will remain golden, just like your services and products.

Ready For Facebook?

We’re sure that you can now go back into Facebook marketing once more, but this time your success will be something to smile about!

The author of this article, Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger and she is currently writing for Grand Canyon, a company selling office products online. She loves to drive down with her friends and family for short getaways. 

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