Few Concerns Over Facebook’s “Graph Search”


The announcement of release of Facebook’s Graph search has sparked many discussions and reactions. This tool is not a specific search tool. Its name Graph Search is confuses many. Very few people know what exactly the term “Social Graph” does mean. Most of the people have never heard of it. The word Graph in a “Graph Search” is weird. Graph search tool is not a typical type of search engine that people used to know. Lot of people have concepts that the term search in online world is a white box, a place where you can type your desired search keyword and it will provide you most relevant results. Graph search is nothing like that. You can say that graph search is a discovery panel that is informed by your friends and friends of your friends. A discovery tool is an important option in the information ecosystem. It is possible that people may start giving more importance to Facebook’s graph search than to the ordinary search. Today, in this post, we will highlight some of the basic concerns over Facebook’s Graph search.

Facebook's Graph Search

Teaching Users How to Use Search Tool:

But, to achieve this goal, Facebook will have to guide its users and customers on how to use and navigate the Graph Search properly. This means that Facebook has to work hard to show the people and teach them the searching queries in a different way that they search on ordinary search engines like Google.

It has been seen that after a long time of searching on the search engines, most people are not able to express their keywords in the search bar properly. Well! Teaching people to write down the more complex and complicated searches would be so challenging for Facebook.

Privacy Policy:

Another concern arose when Facebook suddenly changed the privacy policy terms for the Graph Search. By the implementation of this new policy, users can not hide their entire wall and timelines from the Search results. However, you can hide your post individually by selecting the most restrictive setting of privacy for that post.

People have concerns with Facebook that it does not act nicely with others on internet. Now, Graph Search will reinforce that Facebook will do the same with the rest of internet. The graph searches will be a set of links within the Facebook that Bing will show when Facebook will not find any convenient results. And you know that a lot of critics of Google have beaten it for linking to it much often.

Final Words:

These are some of the concerns. Facebook Graph Search has not a huge set of legal concerns. But it may cause some problem by the privacy terms and policies. Good or bad, let’s see what happens.

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