Future of Engagement – Social media response to Adele flipping off Brit Award producers


Last night and into this morning, social media was abuzz about Adele flipping off the producers of the Brit Awards, Britain’s version of the Grammys, for cutting off her acceptance speech. Many speculated that she was cut off so that the Brit Awards could run another commercial; after all, 30 seconds is awfully short for an Album of the Year speech, even from someone who’s already won six Grammys this year and had already won another Brit Award that night. In this Future of Engagement episode, Murray Newlands looks at how people responded across the social mediascape, and how both Adele and the Brit Awards handled the fallout.


  • Strong support for Adele across most social media platforms
  • Responses were heavily emotional
  • Public apologies are accepted if they’re swift and honest

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