home page got a new design and link navigation feature


This post is for all – who love and regularly visit Google and even those who hardly browse it. There is a slight but noteworthy change in Google design and experience.

Did you notice the recent homepage? Gmail and other Google products have already shown enough improvements earlier.

As you all know Google has been doing experimentation since its inception and every time it comes up with something new and better. Googlers are working on a project to bring you an improved Google. Over next few months you will see more updates as expected.

What are the changes?

The usual homepage of is getting a new makeover. The logo has become smaller.  The links have moved to the top and bottom edges of the browser for a better and cleaner look.

Google Home Page

Why the changes have been done?

  1. Every Google user deserves improved, seamless, consistent browsing experience, no matter what Google product or devices he uses. The objective is to emphasize on three things – focus, elasticity and effortlessness.
  2. Whether you are searching something in Google, emailing, looking for Google map, you should only be concerned with your result. There should be nothing that will clutter your visibility lines.
  3. Simple changes like bolder colour for actionable buttons, hiding navigation button unless they are used done on home page are praise worthy.
  4. Now you can enjoy similar visual experience for a number of devices used – mobile, tablet, high-resolution monitor, television. You don’t need to sacrifice the visual pleasure, style and usefulness of Google across all platforms.
  5. New technologies like HTML5, Web GL and fastest browsers will enhance   user-friendliness of Google.

Hope coming years will gift us more surprises. If you compare original Google homepage version to today’s one, there is a huge improvement. Google is getting fresher.

So, should there be any more reasons to like Google? I am sure there is not.

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