Google+ user profile: Interesting facts to know


Good things come in a package. It is same with Google+. For a social being, after Facebook, G+ is the ultimate place to be with your friends. But, the vibration does not end there. There are more ways to look at Google plus what an ordinary user like you and me do not generally think of.

Yes, social media experts have an in-depth analysis of what is happening around Google plus and its users.

Google plus users in the world

Here is a short look at demographic profile of Google plus users.

A. According to Google stat trackers three quarters or more Google+ users are male.

B. SocialStatistics – a site that gathers data from select profiles shows male users number close to 87%.

C. FindPeopleOnPlus – a site that curates information from millions of users says that male users are close 74%, a dominating figure. Even 95% G+ users who visit “What Do you Love”( )are male.

D. 60% users are web developers and software engineers. It shows substantial number of goggle+ user base are the guys who have in depth knowledge of technology and kill some time setting up circles of friends.

Where it is different from Facebook user’s profile?

Facebook – the most popular social network of 750 million users have a 50-50 split between male and female users. Most addicted and enthusiastic Facebook users are women only. So, Facebbok definitely has an added advantage compared to Google + in this gender game.

Will G+ take any preventive measure?

Why not, after all it is Big G and who better than them can do this so quickly. Google is about to stop asking users to put their gender while registration.

My perception:

However, if this is the strategy Google adopts to get a clean cheat, it is not that smart move as we all expect from a search engine giant. If Google removes the gender filtration area, we may get less accurate results as time progresses. There is no point hiding the fact.

Moreover, Facebook has already established its craze among users across all age, gender, sex and regions. So, it will take time for Google+ to get equal attention from male and female communities.

Should Google+ be more proactive in delivering service than manipulating transparency in results? What are you thinking about it?

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