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Do you love Google? I love it. It is not because Big G is the domain leader in search engine technology, android development, ad network and now into social arena. The reason is something else.

Google is paying back now:

Google serves real people who are in real need. I am happy to see how 7700 Googlers has been performing CSR activities (Corporate Social Responsibility) for common people. Any one like me would be pleased to see Google being humane.

Half Moon Bay Googleserve

What is the initiative?

Since 2008 more than 7,700 Googlers had been working on 400 different projects as a part of unique initiative called “GoogleServe”. This is an employee-driven initiative where employees are working through partnerships with school, local government, non- profit organizations.

The project is handled by Googlers from 119 cities in 36 countries. The objective of this campaign is to help communities in need. This could be educating youth about online bullying to cleaning up local parks and rivers.

How far GoogleServe had been successful in this?

GoogleServe team and their activities are increasing in size and scope. This year 2011 has been promising in this regard. Googlers are strengthening and revitalizing their connections with cities and towns they are working on.

As of today –

  1. In New York, they conducted resume writing workshops and provided career coaching to Iraq and Afganistan veterans of America, who were looking for job.
  1. In West Delhi, India they teamed up with “Lets do it Delhi” to clean and remove old decayed posters. The objective was to minimise abuse of public property.
  1. With National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre in Singapore, Googlers has conducted an online tool workshop for NGOs.
  1. In Seattle, they have held Post Prison Education Program to train staffs.
  1. Google has joined hands with Women’s Initiative for Self Employment in San Francisco. They are providing one-to-one consultations for high skill but low earning women.
  1. Thus Google employees are donating both time and money into this Google Serve project. The sole objective is to work for everyone’s good.

I am sure those who had a different opinion about Google earlier will consider this enough for a change.

Google has been humane other than being social. We should respect their effort and help them to do more.

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