How has SXSW Film 2012 spread across social media? Find out in Future of Engagement!


South by Southwest (SXSW) is a major film festival in Austin, Texas hosted by the eponymous event organizing company. This year, lots of people used the hashtag #SXSW on Twitter, so many that spammers started using it to promote unrelated products. In this week’s Future of Engagement, Murray Newlands uses social media monitoring tool Alerti to analyze how bloggers and others in social media talked about SXSW, and what he found might surprise you:


  • There was a huge spike on March 8 for the #SBSW hashtag.
  • Images were a large chunk of the coverage, constituting 35%.
  • A relatively high percentage of opinionated responses were negative (3 negatives for every 7 positives), and some people even used a #NotAtSXSW hashtag.

Coverage of South by Southwest by platform:


Graph by Alerti social media monitoring tool. Bloggers can use it to find out what to write about, learn what topic is hot, and more!

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