How Technology Can Be Stylish And Cool


There was a time when it was impossible to think of a computer as being ‘stylish’ or ‘cool’. Traditionally the image that comes to mind when thinking about computers has always been that of a stuffy grey machine in an office running dull software for work. When we leave the office we can get away from that soul-sucking machine and start to live our lives in full-color again.

Only that’s not quite the case anymore. These days, computers are almost ubiquitous and even when we clock out we’ll find ourselves using machines of one sort or another whether they’re tablets, games consoles or smartphones.

Thus our computers have become a part of our lifestyles – they have become essential accessories that blur the lines between work and play, and they are now things that we carry on us almost all the time. As such, it’s important to treat them as such, and to recognize that they can be style accessories too in just the same way that a bag or watch can be. Gadgets and devices can now be highly desirable items and can make a statement about who you are and your personal sense of style. Read on to learn how the style conscious can get the most from their technology…


Before you start decorating your tech from without, you should first start decorating it from within by customizing the appearance of your operating system and maybe even more. If you have an Android device for instance, then there are plenty of great ways you can make this look the way you want it to and to express yourself. Not only can you change the wallpaper, but by installing ‘homescreens’ and using Widgets you can also change the way your icons appear on the desktop and the way you interact with your device. Search for ‘customized Android homescreens’ in Google Images to see just how much you can do here. Likewise you can also change the keyboard, the lock screen and even the way notifications show. Windows has many customizations too, it just takes a little research to make your device the way you want it.

And if that’s not enough for you? Learn how to program and build your own customizations.

Cases and Bags

Now that your device’s lockscreen shows a black background with a stylish font, you will want to ensure that it looks good on the outside too. One way to do this is with a custom case, and for handheld gadgets, no matter your device you should find that there are plenty of devices out there to use (if you want to get fancy though you can use 3D printing to make your own). For larger items, decals and stickers can add a similar personalization – and this works even better if you keep it consistent with the customizations you’ve made to the software. Drop it in a leather bag and you’re good to go.

Your Desk

Finally you need to think about where you’re going to put your devices when you aren’t using them, and for that you need a great desk set-up to showcase your gadgets and to surround them with other decorations and items that inspire you to work effectively. A leather chair, a large desk, a second monitor and plasma globe and you have a great stylish place to use your technology.

Nancy Baker, the author of this post, is a freelance blogger who writes for Bridges, well-known for their modern office design ideas. When she is not busy, she is either playing the piano or hitting the basketball court.

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