How to Combine PDF Files Offline Maintaining Originality of Data


Adobe Acrobat has provided PDFs to ease the sharing and receiving of digital documents using various security measures.
These PDFs can be used on any system, regardless of software, operating system, or hardware firmware.

Still, the editing part cannot be done unless the user doesn’t possess a costly version of Acrobat Pro DC. One such editing requirement is how to combine PDF files offline.

We will discuss all available potential solutions to combine multiple PDFs at the same time. The selection of solutions depends on the user requirements, budget, and level of security the user wants to control for PDF data.  

Reasons for Combining PDF Files at User Level

Case 1. Many organizations hold large numbers of PDF files on a monthly basis. Searching and sorting data from these files isn’t an easy task as it consumes a large amount of time, energy, and manpower. Users can’t afford especially when the task needs to be done within the deadline.

Case 2. In a situation, if a user or organization has to share several PDF files. Sharing files manually itself is a hectic task. The reputation goes down when the next party’s workload increases because of mismanagement.
Including all the required PDFs into one single PDF will not only save time for both parties but your value and way of functioning will heighten your credibility.

Case 3. Many websites and portals allow only one PDF to share/ upload. What if a user has to share more than one PDF data to the same site?
In that case, the user can add PDF files and combine them into one, and share them later.

Advantages of Combining PDFs

It fuels productivity by increasing data management. Searching, sorting, and sharing required data will save staff time and energy that can be used to bring the maximum out of them.
Combining and merging various PDF files like invoices, customer details, bank statements, etc into one PDF. It is the smart and faster method to enhance the efficiency of itself or the group/team.

Native Acrobat Method to Combine PDF Files Offline

1. Go to File >> Create >> Combine Files into a Single PDF option.

2. In the Combined files Windows Click on Add files to add required PDF files or Add folders to add all PDF files to that specific folder.

3. Next, prompt Add Files and select multiple files using the Ctrl key. Then click on the Open tab to open the selected files.

4. You can use the Navigation options to move PDFs up and down accordingly. You can also Choose Pages and Remove option to delete files.
If you are satisfied with the selected files and order, simply click on the Combine Files to start the merge process.

5. After executing the previous step, you will see a status bar showing the on-going merging process.
Here’s how to combine PDF files offline using Acrobat Pro DC.
But users don’t find Adobe useful just to accomplish combining the files. Here is what the user has complained about.

User Objects for Acrobat Pro DC

Situation 1. Cost isn’t worthy – User often complains about the huge price tag of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Irrespective of the user’s requirement of editing like combining PDFs, Adobe charges $14.99 for a single user.  
If a single organization opts for this application, a single edition will cost the company a whole month’s budget. It is definitely not a reasonable price for the users.

Situation 2. Not every user is going to use each feature of Acrobat Pro DC. Especially if the user background isn’t technical and he is looking for only small tasks to accomplish like splitting or combining PDFs then Acrobat features and interface would be overwhelming for novice users.
A simple approach should be kept for simple tasks. SysTools PDF merger brings simple to use and affordable to the budget solution.
Irrespective of user background, any user can handle and execute the steps on his own.

SysTools PDF Merger Solution

Step 1. Download and Install the SysTools PDF Split and Merge utility. Select the Merge option.

Step 2. Click on the Add Files to add PDF file(s) or Add Folder to add the whole folder of PDF files. Click on the Next button to continue.

Step 3. Choose one of the options given below accordingly to merge the PDF files into one PDF file. Also, choose from the give option either
1. Create New PDF or
2. Merge in Existing PDF.

Step 4. Once you are satisfied with the settings for merging files. You have to choose a select location by clicking on Browse to save the resultant PDF file.

After the completion of the merging process, you will see a flash message showing the confirmation dialogue.

This is how to combine PDF files offline without Acrobat Pro DC software.

Some worth mentioning features of the utility

  • Do not require any internet connectivity to combine the PDF files.
  • Merge Batch PDF files into one instantly.
  • Provide options to select pages using various page range options.
  • Maintain the originality and formatting of the PDF as it is.
  • Merge known password PDF files without any issues.
  • Compatible with Windows and supports all PDF types.

Concluding Outcomes

How to combine PDF files offline could be a task for those users who are concerned for their valuable data but don’t own Acrobat Pro DC.
SysTools understands the requirements of users who can’t afford Acrobat or require weighty features for their work life.

This solution is designed to satisfy the sole purpose of merging and splitting PDF files irrespective of their size and numbers.

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